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Double click on the stories that made Austin, Texas a global startup hub. Listen to startup stories from entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and technologists shaping the Austin startup community. Austinpreneur will give you a glimpse into how Austin made itself a tier 1 city for technology, creativity and startups. Takeaway key insights for building your own success story in topics like fundraising, building products, sales, ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • AI's Security Platform

    AI's Security Platform

    Listen to this Austinpreneur conversation on the cybersecurity implications of artificial intelligence and machine learning with special guest Chris Sestito, CEO of HiddenLayer. Chris' background is in cybersecurity threat research, detection and response. When he was at Cyclance, Chris encountered one of the first adversarial machine learning attacks which inspired his vision for HiddenLayer. HiddeLayer announced a $50M round of funding in September of this year. This session was recorded for a live audience at Austin Startup Week in November 2023.Sign up for the best Austinpreneur updates at

  • Being Your Company's Hero

    Being Your Company's Hero

    Presented by SXSW, this episode of Austinpreneur features special guest Matthew Iommi who is the CEO of Fetii. Matthew and his co-founder started Fetii as undergraduates at Texas A&M University. After going through Y-Combinator, Fetii launched in Austin and joined Capital Factory. Fetii's group rideshare service has taken off and quickly become a beacon of Austin's nightlife and social engagements. This episode was recorded for an audience of students in Longhorn Startup at The University of Texas at Austin.Sign up for the best Austinpreneur updates at

  • Ethernet, I am Your Father

    Ethernet, I am Your Father

    Get insights from the inventor of Ethernet, Dr. Bob Metcalfe, in this episode of Austinpreneur. In this conversation, Metcalfe talks about the early days of Silicon Valley, how he crafted "Metcalfe's Law" as well as the latest revolution in artificial intelligence. Joshua Baer, CEO and Founder of Capital Factory, interviews Metcalfe in this episode recorded for students of Longhorn Startup at The University of Texas at Austin.Sign up for the best Austinpreneur updates at

  • Born in the Dirt

    Born in the Dirt

    On a tiny hill in Afghanistan, John Goodson asked "Why does nothing work?" for the last time and set out to create the future of autonomous drones. As a U.S. soldier in the field, John went from excited to deploy drones to not even considering it due to the inadequacies of the drone platform he was equipped with. Today, John is CEO & Founder of Darkhive where they are building lightweight, autonomous drones for defense. The company is fueled by $14M of goverment funding and a fresh $5M from venture investors including Capital Factory.

  • Mastering the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

    Mastering the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

    On this episode of Austinpreneur we chat with Kristy Alballero who is Co-Founder of IOOGO. Kristy received three degrees from The University of Texas at Dallas which led to a successful career in a series of product ownership roles. In 2017, Kristy co-founded IOOGO to help ease the pain of tax and accounting for small businesses and startups. In their first year, IOOGO helped 12,000 people file taxes and has grown from there. Kristy is deeply embedded in Capital Factory's community with IOOGO being a portfolio company and key sponsor of our top events like Austin Startup Week and Fed Supernova.Get updates on Austinpreneur by signing up at