S2 E3: Is Your DNA Causing Problems in Your Relationships & Health, and Can You Change It? with CEO of The DNA Co. and Author of 'The DNA Way', Kashif Khan

The Ask Amberleigh Show by Amberleigh Carter

Episode notes
This episode features Kashif Khan, CEO of The DNA Company, author of 'The DNA Way', a TEDx speaker, and host of The Unpilled Podcast.Kashif talks about:
  • the difference between genetics and epigenetics and how much control you have over how your genetics express
  • the impact your DNA has on how you process and utilize hormones
  • how depression might be a genetic mutation affecting your ability to utilize Vitamin D
  • how cancer may or may not be genetic
  • eczema
  • vitamins
  • MS, Lupus, Autism
  • personality traits and addiction
  • relationships and more!
To order a DNA kit from The DNA Co. use the code ACARTER for 15% off at thednacompany.com/acarterTo order 'The DNA Way' book, go to
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