S2 Episode 2: Does Silver Turn Your Skin Blue? The Myths, Facts, & Benefits of Colloidal Silver with Silver Biotics CSO Steve Revelli

The Ask Amberleigh Show by Amberleigh Carter

Episode notes
Ever wondered if ingesting Silver will turn your skin blue? Or if taking Silver with an MTHFR genetic mutation will do more harm than good? Steve Revelli, Chief Scientific Officer of Silver Biotics explains the difference between ionic silver and colloidal silver and the myths, facts, and benefits of colloidal silver in the Silver Biotics products. Anything from wound healing to dental care and immunity, Silver is a fascinating and very helpful element!I personally use and have seen immediate results with their skin cream, toothpaste, wound gel, and immune support product. I share the ways I use them and how the immune support cleaned up the mess caused by a round of antibiotics I took.When I find an excellent product, with the science to back it up, I can't wait to share it with you!You can follow them on Instagram @silverbiotics and check out  ...   ...  Read more
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