S3 Episode 1: My Story (Part I); Hosted x Tamica Lee

The Ask Amberleigh Show by Amberleigh Carter

Episode notes

Welcome to Season 3: "The Ask Amberleigh Show"!

Kicking off this new season, where everybody is the host, this first episode is all about Amberleigh's never-before-heard and never-before-told story, hosted by her best friend, Tamica Lee.

This is Part I of II episodes of Amberleigh's story. Tune in to hear about Amberleigh and Tamica's unlikely friendship, Amberleigh's pivotal moment that changed her Pre-Med route to becoming a Doctor of Metaphysics, what made her realize that her intuition was different, her out-of-body experiences, her health struggles, eating disorder, exercise addiction, her mental crises, her career as a scientific researcher, and the major tools that helped her step into her truth and find her way.

Part II of this episode will air next week, with answers to many questions about health, metaphysics, and more ... 

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