Google's IO Fueled by AI Explosion, Claude's Context Upgrade, Meta's Advertiser Tools, and The Future of Chatbots Includes Ads

Artificially Intelligent Marketing by Paul Avery and Martin Broadhurst

Episode notes

In this week's podcast, we discuss everything from Google's IO conference and the exciting AI-related updates it brought, to Anthropic's expansion of Claude, and Meta's announcement of generative AI for advertisers. More details below:

  • Google's IO conference was full of AI-related update, with the launch of the 540-billion parameter model PaLM 2, which is now being used to fuel a variety of Google tools. We discuss the impressive demos presented, including Google Maps' fly-through city feature and video translation with lip sync. We also look at Google infusing generative AI tools across Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides and more.

  • Anthropic expands Claude, announcing a significant upgrade to the chatbot, which can now process up to 75,000 words of information, three times more than OpenAI. We delve into the implica ... 

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