EU Copyright Laws, Code Interpreter Plugin, Text-to-Image Generation

Artificially Intelligent Marketing by Paul Avery and Martin Broadhurst

Episode notes


This week's episode covers the EU's new copyright laws for AI, OpenAI's code interpreter plugin for ChatGPT, Stability's Deepfloyd IF, and Bing AI as the tool of the week.

Story 1: EU Proposes New Copyright Laws for AI

Martin discusses the European Union's proposed AI Act, which includes new copyright disclosure requirements and risk level classification for AI tools.

Marketers must know how these regulations may affect AI-based marketing tools and content generation.

Story 2: OpenAI's Code Interpreter Plugin for ChatGPT

Paul talks about OpenAI's new code interpreter plugin for ChatGPT, allowing users to analyse and interpret data without coding experience.

This plugin can make data analysis more accessible for smaller and mid-sized businesse ... 

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