Artificially Intelligent Marketing

by Paul Avery and Martin Broadhurst

Welcome to Artificially Intelligent Marketing, the weekly podcast that explores the intersection of artificial intelligence and marketing. Join your hosts, Paul Avery and Martin Broadhurst, as they dive deep into the latest stories, tools, and applications in AI for mark ... 

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  • AI's Triumphs and Tribulations: From Data Analysis Woes to Anthropic's Advances and Job Obsolescence Fears

    AI's Triumphs and Tribulations: From Data Analysis Woes to Anthropic's Advances and Job Obsolescence Fears

    Intro In this week's episode, Paul and Martin discuss the current limitations of AI for data analysis, Google's AI overview feature, and predictions about AI's impact on jobs. They also cover the latest news and updates from Anthropic, OpenAI, ElevenLabs, and a promising new AI-powered TV show creation tool called Showrunner. Data Analysis with AI Falls Short Martin shares his experience using ChatGPT for data analysis, highlighting flaws in extracting accurate insights. Issues with Google's AI Overview Feature While widely rolled out, Google's AI overview feature has produced bizarre and inaccurate search summaries. Anthropic Introduces Function Calling for Claude Anthropic has made function calling available for its AI assistant Claude, allowing integration with external data sources. Anthropic Enables Exploration of Claude's Inner Workings The team at Anthropic mapped out the inner workings of the Claude AI model to better understand its behaviour. GPT-4 Now Available to All ChatGPT Users OpenAI has made GPT-4 available to all users of its ChatGPT platform, along with other new features. ElevenLabs Launches AI-Powered Sound Effects Tool ElevenLabs introduced a new tool that generates realistic sound effects from text descriptions. The Simulation Unveils AI-Generated TV Shows A startup called The Simulation showcased Showrunner, a tool for creating AI-generated TV shows and videos. Survey Reveals Limited Use of Generative AI Tools A Reuters Institute survey found that while awareness of AI tools is high, frequent use remains rare. Apple Rumored to Unveil Siri 2.0 with AI Capabilities Apple is expected to announce a new version of Siri with enhanced AI capabilities at its upcoming WWDC event. Anthropic Chief of Staff Predicts Job Obsolescence An Anthropic executive wrote an article predicting that AI will make most jobs obsolete within the next 5 years.

  • The Battle for AI Supremacy: OpenAI ChatGPT vs. Google Gemini

    The Battle for AI Supremacy: OpenAI ChatGPT vs. Google Gemini

    After an 8-week break, "Artificially Intelligent Marketing with Paul and Martin is back. Here's a quick recap of recent news: OpenAI's Figure 1 robot now integrates GPT-4, and Devin, a new AI software engineer, was previewed. Claude 3 Opus briefly topped the LLM performance chart, Heygen updated its AI-created user-generated content, and Meta AI released Llama 3. Amazon launched Q for enterprises, and Microsoft is working on the Frontier model LLM named MAI-1. OpenAI's Sora video model produced its first commissioned music video, DeepMind released AlphaFold 3, and AI-enabled hardware like the Humane Pin and Rabbit R1 received poor reviews. GPT-4o: A Unified Model for Text, Audio, and Video Inputs and Outputs OpenAI's GPT-4o (Omni) is a versatile new AI model that processes text, audio, and video inputs and generates outputs in multiple formats. This unified approach streamlines workflows and ensures consistency in data processing. Currently, the API supports text and image inputs, with audio capabilities coming soon, making it a comprehensive tool for marketers. Learn more about GPT-4o. Enhancements to Data Analysis in ChatGPT ChatGPT has introduced new data analysis improvements, allowing users to upload files directly from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, interact with tables and charts in an expandable view, and customise and download charts. These features, available in the GPT-4o model for ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise users, enhance efficiency and streamline workflows, making data handling simpler and more engaging. Google Announces Cutting-Edge AI-Powered Features at I/O 2024 At I/O 2024, Google unveiled new AI features and integrations, focusing on enhanced information organisation and long context management with Gemini. Integrations in Gmail, Google Photos, Google Workspace, and Google Search improve user experiences. Gemini Pro's long context management supports up to 1 million tokens, benefiting research and content analysis. Experimental apps like NotebookLM and AI Studio offer researchers, students, and analysts innovative tools.

  • ElevenLabs' Sound Effect AI, Midjourney's Consistent Characters, EU's AI Act, and IBM's AI-Driven Layoffs

    ElevenLabs' Sound Effect AI, Midjourney's Consistent Characters, EU's AI Act, and IBM's AI-Driven Layoffs

    ElevenLabs Launches AI Sound Effect Generator ElevenLabs expands its AI technology to generate realistic sound effects from text prompts. The tool excels at natural and atmospheric sounds but has limitations with electronic noises. While not perfect, it represents a significant advancement in AI-generated audio for immersive digital content. Midjourney Introduces Consistent Characters Feature Midjourney's new feature allows users to maintain character consistency across multiple AI-generated images. By referencing an original character image, the AI can generate variations with adjustable resemblance. This advancement opens new possibilities for visual storytelling and marketing campaigns, but raises ethical and copyright concerns. EU Passes Groundbreaking AI Act The European Parliament has passed the AI Act, the world's first comprehensive AI regulation. It categorizes AI products by risk level, promoting responsible AI development and use. The act emphasizes compliance, ethics, and transparency, reshaping the regulatory landscape for marketing professionals. Anthropic Launches Fast and Affordable Claude 3 Haiku API Anthropic's Claude 3 Haiku model offers high-speed processing and cost-effectiveness for enterprise AI workloads. It can analyze large volumes of text and images at a fraction of the cost of competitors. The model's affordability and performance make it a significant advancement for AI capabilities. Sam Altman Predicts AI Will Take Over 95% of Marketing Agency Tasks OpenAI CEO Sam Altman forecasts that AGI will handle most tasks currently done by marketing agencies and creative professionals within five years. While AI integration in marketing is already underway, this prediction raises concerns about job security, data privacy, and intellectual property. IBM Announces Layoffs in Communications and Marketing Divisions IBM initiates layoffs in its communications and marketing staff as part of a workforce rebalancing effort. The company focuses on high-demand areas like AI and hybrid cloud technologies. These layoffs highlight the growing impact of AI on marketing and the need for professionals to adapt to emerging technologies. Meta's Significant Investment in GenAI Infrastructure Meta takes a leap in AI with its GenAI infrastructure, powered by cutting-edge NVIDIA GPUs. The company plans a substantial expansion, aiming for 600,000 GPU units by 2024. This investment signals a transformative shift in AI capabilities and highlights the importance of leveraging advanced technology for market differentiation. Devin: The First Autonomous AI Software Engineer Devin, developed by Cognition, is an AI designed to handle complex software engineering tasks autonomously. While not perfect, Devin's performance on coding benchmarks marks a significant improvement over previous models. Figure and OpenAI Collaborate on AI-Powered Humanoid Robots Figure partners with OpenAI to enhance its humanoid robots with advanced AI models. The robots demonstrate autonomous task completion in controlled environments.

  • Claude Unmasked as GPT-4 Killer! Plus Mistral's Le Chat, Perplexity's AI Podcast, Copilot for Finance and More

    Claude Unmasked as GPT-4 Killer! Plus Mistral's Le Chat, Perplexity's AI Podcast, Copilot for Finance and More

    Claude 3: GPT-4 Killer? Anthropic announces the next generation Claude 3 model family with improved performance, vision capabilities, and advanced features. Learn more on Anthropic's news page. Mistral Releases 'Mistral Large' Mistral unveils Mistral Large, their most advanced language model, available through la Plateforme and Azure. Explore and access it via various methods. Jasper Acquires Clipdrop Jasper acquires Clipdrop, offering enterprise marketing teams a multimodal AI copilot and enabling efficient content creation. Testing Agents (GPT-4 Struggles) A new study reveals limitations faced by autonomous agents in complex, real-world tasks, with GPT-4 scoring only 14.41% against human benchmark. Copilot Finance Microsoft introduces "Copilot for Finance" to help finance teams, with potential expansion to other business areas. Adobe Music AI Adobe previews Project Music GenAI Control, enabling AI-powered audio creation and editing using natural language prompts. Perplexity Launches Podcast with ElevenLabs Perplexity launches "Discover Daily," an AI-generated news podcast, raising questions about transparency in AI-generated media. Klarna Customer Support Klarna's OpenAI-powered chatbot handles millions of conversations, boosts profits, and highlights potential job impact of AI adoption. Tool of the Week: Anthropic Prompt Library Anthropic's prompt library is a collection of 63 prompts showcasing diverse AI capabilities across various topics. Check it out to discover new AI-powered tools.

  • Google Gemini 1.5 Update, OpenAI's Showcases Sora Video AI, Amazon's Emergent Speech AI, and Stable Cascade

    Google Gemini 1.5 Update, OpenAI's Showcases Sora Video AI, Amazon's Emergent Speech AI, and Stable Cascade

    Welcome to episode 41 of Artificially Intelligent Marketing, hosted by Paul Avery, CEO of Biostrata, and Martin Broadhurst, owner of Broadhurst Digital. In this episode, we're unpacking the latest in AI, from groundbreaking models to new entries in the search engine arena. Let's dive in! Google Unveils Gemini 1.5 Pro Google has just elevated the AI game with Gemini 1.5 Pro, boasting efficiency and advancements over its predecessor. This model impresses with a 1 million token context window, showcasing unparalleled long-context understanding and the ability to process text, video, audio, and images simultaneously. It's not just about the tech specs; Gemini 1.5 Pro has undergone rigorous ethics and safety testing, promising a new era of AI development. OpenAI's Sora: A New Frontier in AI Sora, OpenAI's latest creation, is making waves by turning text instructions into realistic video scenes. Despite its current limitations with complex physics and spatial details, Sora's potential for creative storytelling and content creation is undeniable. Its deployment is surrounded by anticipation and a slew of safety measures, aiming to redefine digital interaction. Stable Cascade by Stability AI Stability AI introduces Stable Cascade, a novel text-to-image model that economizes training and fine-tuning through a unique three-stage architecture. This innovation not only enhances image quality but also aligns more closely with user prompts, setting a new benchmark for image generation models. Amazon's BASE TTS Breakthrough Researchers at Amazon have pushed the boundaries with BASE TTS, a colossal text-to-speech model trained on an extensive dataset. It demonstrates emergent abilities to handle complex language nuances, offering unprecedented naturalness in speech synthesis. OpenAI Challenges Google with New Search Product In a strategic move, OpenAI is stepping into the search engine domain, challenging Google's dominance. Backed by Microsoft and leveraging Bing's infrastructure, this initiative could reshape the SEO landscape, introducing new considerations for digital marketers in content optimisation and strategy. We're eager to hear your thoughts on these developments. Could Gemini 1.5 Pro's efficiency and Sora's creative potential change the game for AI in marketing? And what does OpenAI's foray into search engines mean for the future of digital marketing strategies? Share your insights with us on Twitter, Facebook, or via email at