Google's Magi-cal Comeback, Firefly Ignites Video, Stability AI Unleashes LLM

Artificially Intelligent Marketing by Paul Avery and Martin Broadhurst

Episode notes

Paul and Martin introduce this week's topics, including StableLM, Project Magi, AI in popular tools, and the proposal of an international AI oversight agency.

Story 1: Stability AI launches StableLM Stability AI introduces its open-source LLM, StableLM, to compete with OpenAI, Anthropic, and others.Open-source LLMs allow for greater customization and a more robust ecosystem, providing marketers with more options.Martin discusses models without guardrails.

Story 2: Google announces Project Magi & Deepmind collaboration Martin talks about Google's Project Magi, which involves AI integration into search and task execution capabilities.Deepmind and Google officially collaborate to develop advanced, versatile AI with Scientific Board oversight.

Story 3: Atlassian announces Atlassian Intel ... 

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