Google Gemini Advanced Ultra Review! Microsoft's Copilot Latest Updates, Apple Publishes MGIE Paper, CISCO AI Research, EU AI ACT moves ahead, and Tool of the Week

Artificially Intelligent Marketing by Paul Avery and Martin Broadhurst

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Welcome back to Artificially Intelligent Marketing! Join Martin Broadhurst and Paul Avery as they unpack the latest AI marvels and marketing insights.

Microsoft Copilot's Bold Leap Forward Microsoft elevates Copilot with cutting-edge AI image editing and intuitive design features, targeting an improved user experience. The highlight? Designer for Copilot, enhancing creativity with DALL-E 3. Learn more.

MGIE: Apple and UC Santa Barbara's AI Venture Apple and UC Santa Barbara's MGIE model opens new doors for image editing, making professional tweaks a chat ... 

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