The Animalitia PodcastExplicit

by Benjamin Arndt

Hosted by Ben Arndt and produced by Tom Robin, The Animalitia Podcast hits on all things relating to entertainment, pop culture, current events, and life topics. Guests join who are also involved in various forms of media entertainment.  

Podcast episodes

  • Episode #30 Feeling fierce

    Episode #30 Feeling fierce Explicit

    Ian is on fire tonight as we discuss current events, Godzilla vs Kong, and Disney's poor treatment of young actresses.

  • Episode #29 When is it okay to fight part II / ghost hunting with Bubba

    Episode #29 When is it okay to fight part II / ghost hunting with BubbaExplicit

    Jake and I share stories of our recent trips to Wisconsin bars and we recap our evening of ghost hunting with Bubba in abandoned ruins (Originally published April 2021)

  • Episode #28 Aidan comes home!

    Episode #28 Aidan comes home! Explicit

    Aidan returns home after spending a year in Arizona, just in time for Draconian law from Tim Walz. Jake and I fill him in on what he missed (Originally published April 2021)

  • Episode #27 Xymyth joins the show

    Episode #27 Xymyth joins the showExplicit

    Comic book creators Gan Yimke and Jacob from Xymyth join me on the show, to talk pro wrestling, comics, movies, and we share Florida man stories. I met them on a film shoot in Florida in 2018 (Originally published January 2021)

  • Episode #26 Shari DeBenedetti joins the show

    Episode #26 Shari DeBenedetti joins the showExplicit

    Paranormal investigator Shari DeBenedetti from the Travel Channel's "Ghost Nation" joins the show to have a conversation with me