The Rising Lioness: Faunalytics with Dr. Jo Anderson

All About Animals by All About Animals Radio

Episode notes

NEW Faunalytics Study shows Local Laws lay the groundwork for creating meaningful change for animals at the state government level.

In this podcast episode on All About Animals Radio, host Erica Salvemini, of The Rising Lioness chats with Dr. Jo Anderson, Research Director of Faunalytics, an organization that conducts research and shares knowledge that supports animal advocates so they can help animals effectively. Their studies offer actionable and insightful data on important topics for the animal protection movement.

Tune in to hear Erica and Jo discuss the important role local law takes on when used as a stepping stone to create State Animal Protection Laws. Whether it’s a declawing ban, bans of puppy mills, retail sales of cats, dogs and rabbits or plant-based procurement, Faunalytics’ research study offers the data.

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