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  • How to lobby your representative to make legislative change with Debbie Dahmer

    How to lobby your representative to make legislative change with Debbie Dahmer

    Welcome to a special episode of the Rising Lioness podcast, where hearts, minds, and souls unite for animal rights and a harmonious world. Host Erica Salvemini is joined by dedicated advocate Debbie Dahmer, also known as "Mama Bear," who has been a voice for the voiceless since 2008.Together, they discuss Debbie's journey, shaped by social media advocacy and podcasting, as well as her passion for animals and the transformative power of the online community. Debbie emphasizes the importance of taking action, sharing her experience of transitioning from personal social media posts to advocacy-focused content. She encourages listeners to join animal advocacy groups, share information, and actively engage with legislators to make a difference.The conversation delves into legislative initiatives that have significantly impacted animal welfare, with a spotlight on the "Nosey's Law" in New Jersey, which prohibits the use of elephants and other wild animals in traveling acts. Debbie shares the joyous outcome of this initiative, highlighting the release of an elephant named Nosy to a sanctuary in Tennessee.For those new to contacting legislators, Debbie provides practical advice, emphasizing professionalism and politeness. The episode serves as an inspirational call to action, urging everyone to use their voices for positive change in animal welfare.Animal Advocates Radio "Voices Carry For Animals" on Blog Talk Radio On Demand Episodes:

  • Oceans Away From Home with Devan Schowe

    Oceans Away From Home with Devan Schowe

    Devan Schowe, a campaign's associate for Born Free USA delves into the "Oceans Away from Home" report, which highlights the suffering of fish in captivity. Fish often face challenges that parallel those of larger, more commonly studied captive animals.This report emphasizes the challenges these aquatic creatures encounter, including compromised welfare and limited opportunities for species-specific behaviors. A research bias further sidelines fish, underscoring the need to value all animals, irrespective of their similarities or differences from humans.Additionally, the rising surge of octopus farming in Spain, raises ethical concerns due to the remarkable intelligence of these creatures. Octopus farming subjects highly intelligent and solitary beings to stressful and unnatural conditions, posing ethical and ecological dilemmas. This industry's potential consequences for octopus populations, marine ecosystems, and animal welfare are of great concern, especially given the absence of protective regulations within the European Union.Furthermore, our discussion uncovers "The Lies Zoos Tell," highlighting the lack of care for animals in some of these facilities. Even accredited zoos, striving to replicate natural habitats, often fall short in providing essential elements for animal well-being. This prompts a critical question: Is keeping animals captive in zoos justifiable? The resounding answer is "NO."Join us in this conversation, challenging our perspectives on animal treatment and advocating for a more compassionate approach to their well-being.

  • Wildlands Network with Ron Sutherland

    Wildlands Network with Ron Sutherland

    Wild for Change with Nicole RojasWildlands Network's Chief Scientist, Ron Sutherland, discusses the importance of rewilding efforts and their vision of continental wildways to promote wildlife conservation in North America. Rewilding, a concept rooted in letting nature reclaim its territory, emphasizes the need to reintroduce keystone species to restore ecological balance. Ron explains how rewilding helps to manage ecosystems more efficiently and highlights the case of Yellowstone's wolf reintroduction, which led to a cascade of positive ecological effects.The concept of continental wildways involves creating extensive wildlife corridors to connect natural areas, enhancing biodiversity and promoting species migration, especially in the face of climate change. Ron Sutherland emphasizes the importance of partnerships with land trusts and conservation organizations to establish these corridors and protect critical habitats. He cites specific examples like the Eastern Wildway, Rocky Mountain Wildway, and Pacific Wildway, each tailored to the unique needs of the region and its wildlife. The wildway approach is not only beneficial for wildlife but also aids in climate change adaptation by facilitating species' movement northward as temperatures rise. Wildlands Network collaborates with various organizations to implement these corridors and make progress on the ground, marking significant strides in conservation efforts.You can learn more about Wildlands Network and support their work online at: About NicoleIn a journey fueled by a profound love for animals and nature, a former physical therapist from Chicago has transformed her life into a dedicated mission to protect endangered species. Her efforts have culminated in the launch of the 'Wild For Change' initiative, including a podcast and radio shows, with a focus on raising awareness and advocating for wildlife conservation. In her own words, she is "Wild For… Animals to be treated with respect! Wild For… The Earth to be treated with reverence! Wild For… Sharing how both are interconnected to each other and us!" She is 'Wild For Change,' and her mission is to bridge the gap between humans and nature, striving to make the world a better place for all living beings. Her dedication to the welfare of animals and the preservation of the Earth serves as an inspiring example of advocacy and conservation. #rewilding #wildlifeconservation #YellowstoneWolves #Biodiversity #HabitatProtection

  • Rescuing Forests and Communities: A Grassroots Initiative

    Rescuing Forests and Communities: A Grassroots Initiative

    The Rising Lioness with Erica Salvemini Audio production by Alex Sanfiz In this episode, explore how a grassroots initiative led by Leif Cocks is saving Southeast Asia's forests and the communities that depend on them. Discover the power of sustainable practices, education, and community empowerment in the fight against deforestation and for a brighter future. Join the fight for Southeast Asia's forests! In this eye-opening podcast episode, Leif Cocks, founder of Forest for People, reveals the urgent battle to save ancient forests and their indigenous inhabitants from ruthless exploitation. Discover how grassroots action is making a difference, as we delve into sustainable practices, community empowerment, and the inspiring journey of safeguarding these vital ecosystems. Don't miss this empowering conversation! Tune in now to be part of the change for securing a brighter future for all.

  • Endangered Roar: The Fight to Save Sumatran Tigers

    Endangered Roar: The Fight to Save Sumatran Tigers

    The Rising Lioness with Erica Salvemini Video production by Alex Sanfiz Subscribe to the Rising Lioness live channel @therisinglioness Dive into the urgent mission to rescue Sumatran tigers from the brink of extinction. With less than 400 remaining in the wild, these Critically Endangered creatures face dire threats such as habitat destruction, human-tiger conflicts, and ruthless poaching. Join us as we uncover the challenges and efforts to protect this iconic species in the Indonesian tiger's last stand. Explore the world of wildlife conservation with Leif Cocks, founder of Wildlife Conservation International and International Tiger Project. Hear firsthand about his journey from Zookeeper to advocate for tigers and their habitats. In this episode of The Rising Lioness on All About Animals Radio, we will uncover the threats facing Sumatran tigers and delve into the International Tiger Project's groundbreaking efforts to protect them. Discover the shocking reality of the illegal wildlife tiger trade and learn how we can all combat it together. Join us to become inspired to make a difference for wildlife today!