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  • Lucy: The Saddest Elephant in the World

    Lucy: The Saddest Elephant in the World

    Join Billie Groom as she delves deep into the controversy surrounding Lucy, the lone elephant at the Edmonton Valley Zoo, in an eye-opening podcast series. In this episode, Billie sits down with Yvonne Luscombe, an independent advocate deeply involved in Lucy's plight. Together, they unravel the heartbreaking history of Lucy, from her traumatic beginnings as a baby elephant to her solitary confinement spanning 46 long years. Through their candid conversation, Billie and Yvonne shed light on the questionable practices of the zoo and the ongoing efforts to free Lucy from her confinement. Through meticulous research, captivating interviews, and compelling evidence, Yvonne delves into Lucy's harrowing journey of confinement. Explore the complexities of Lucy's captivity as they discuss the zoo's claims of her being "bonded" and the inadequacy of governmental responses to her welfare concerns. With empathy and urgency, they emphasise the need for decisive action to improve Lucy's living conditions and advocate for her transfer to a sanctuary. Tune in and become part of the movement advocating for Lucy's freedom and well-being. It's time to shed light on her plight and demand justice for the world's saddest elephant. More on Yvonne's channel: @savewildlifewhosuffer Subscribe now and join the journey towards compassion and change. 🐘✨ Thumbnail image credit: IQRemix from Canada via WikiCommons #elephant #animals #canada #edmonton

  • Shark Conservation with Prof. Dr. Raj Sekhar Aich

    Shark Conservation with Prof. Dr. Raj Sekhar Aich

    🦈🎙️ Harmony in the Deep: Demystifying the Shark with Prof. Dr. Raj Sekhar Aich. Join us for an illuminating journey into shark conservation with Dr. Aich, a visionary shark researcher and advocate, as he shares profound insights on the intersection of art, emotions, and science in safeguarding our marine ecosystems. In this captivating conversation from the Rising Lioness, hosted by Erica, Raj unveils the hidden complexities of human-shark interactions and challenges the negative stereotypes surrounding these majestic creatures. Drawing from his rich background in psychology, and anthropology, and a childhood immersed in art, Raj sheds light on the transformative power of emotions in fostering empathy and understanding toward sharks. Discover the pioneering work of Raj as he discusses the establishment of the Transdisciplinary Human Shark Lab in Kolkata, India, and his tireless efforts to promote a holistic approach to shark research worldwide. From the Sundarbans to the shores of New Zealand, Raj research delves into the depths of human perception, advocating for interdisciplinary collaboration and cultural sensitivity in conservation efforts. Through poignant anecdotes and profound reflections, Raj emphasizes the urgent need to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and public perception. He calls upon individuals to embrace empathy and beauty as catalysts for change, quoting literary luminaries like Dostoevsky and Christopher Hitchens to underscore the transformative potential of collective action. Join us as we embark on a mission to redefine our relationship with sharks and the oceans they inhabit. Let's harness the power of art, science, and collective consciousness to ensure a brighter, more sustainable future for all marine life. Tune in to the Rising Lioness podcast and be inspired to make a difference for sharks and our planet. Together, we can turn the tide towards conservation and create oceans teeming with life and beauty. 🌊🦈

  • Rescue Spot with Nicole Patrick

    Rescue Spot with Nicole Patrick

    Tech Tails: How Rescue Spot is Revolutionizing Companion Animal Adoption with Nicole Patrick Welcome, animal advocates, to another compelling episode of The Rising Lioness, where the profound world of pet adoption and the influential figures shaping its future take center stage. Hosted by Erica Salvemini, today's special guest is Nicole Patrick, a seasoned actress with roots in Hollywood who gracefully transitioned into a social entrepreneur, dedicating herself to enhancing the lives of companion animals globally. Together, they explore Nicole's transformative journey and the innovative strides she's made in the pet rescue world. Nicole's journey commenced in the world of film during high school, boasting credits in TV productions like All My Children, 30 Rock, Gossip Girl, and feature films by renowned directors such as Woody Allen and Wes Craven. #dog #dogrescue #dogs #doglovers

  • Zoos Unveiled: Legalized Exploitation of Wildlife with Devan Schowe

    Zoos Unveiled: Legalized Exploitation of Wildlife with Devan Schowe

    In this episode of the Rising Lioness podcast, host Erica Salvemini and guest Devan Schowe discuss the truth behind the zoo industry. They shed light on the exploitation and mistreatment of wild animals in captivity, as well as the recent partnership between the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The podcast highlights the need for better regulations and resources to rehabilitate animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. The podcast starts by addressing the fact that 23% of species in zoos are threatened with extinction, indicating that the majority (77%) are not. Despite this, zoos continue to keep and breed animals. The partnership between the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums aims to provide homes for animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. However, critics argue that it prioritizes profits over animal welfare. Animals seized or abandoned during the illegal wildlife trade often suffer from poor conditions during transportation, including dehydration, stress, hunger, and sickness. Immediate expert care is crucial for their survival. The podcast argues that instead of funneling resources into zoos, efforts should be focused on rehabilitating and rewilding these animals. Zoos profit from the entertainment of animals, perpetuating the idea that exploiting them for profit is acceptable. The illegal wildlife trade is a multi-billion dollar industry, making it the fourth-largest global illegal trade. Social media platforms like TikTok and Facebook play a significant role in facilitating the trade. The podcast emphasizes the need for awareness and action to combat the exploitation of wildlife. It calls on individuals to educate themselves and others, especially children, about the issue. It also highlights the importance of supporting organizations that prioritize animal welfare and conservation.

  • How to lobby your representative to make legislative change with Debbie Dahmer

    How to lobby your representative to make legislative change with Debbie Dahmer

    Welcome to a special episode of the Rising Lioness podcast, where hearts, minds, and souls unite for animal rights and a harmonious world. Host Erica Salvemini is joined by dedicated advocate Debbie Dahmer, also known as "Mama Bear," who has been a voice for the voiceless since 2008. Together, they discuss Debbie's journey, shaped by social media advocacy and podcasting, as well as her passion for animals and the transformative power of the online community. Debbie emphasizes the importance of taking action, sharing her experience of transitioning from personal social media posts to advocacy-focused content. She encourages listeners to join animal advocacy groups, share information, and actively engage with legislators to make a difference. The conversation delves into legislative initiatives that have significantly impacted animal welfare, with a spotlight on the "Nosey's Law" in New Jersey, which prohibits the use of elephants and other wild animals in traveling acts. Debbie shares the joyous outcome of this initiative, highlighting the release of an elephant named Nosy to a sanctuary in Tennessee. For those new to contacting legislators, Debbie provides practical advice, emphasizing professionalism and politeness. The episode serves as an inspirational call to action, urging everyone to use their voices for positive change in animal welfare. Animal Advocates Radio "Voices Carry For Animals" on Blog Talk Radio On Demand Episodes: