The Source: G-d's Answers to Life's Hard Questions with Aliza Davidovit

by Aliza Davidovit

With warmth and insight Rebbetzin Aliza makes Biblical teachings relevant and applicable to our day and age. The wisdom of the Torah has lasted for thousands of years and its light is the key to the longevity and success. Aliza Davidovit is a journalist, author and commentator and has interviewed some of the most famous and powerful people in the world.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Where's Your Fruit?

    Where's Your Fruit?

    Have a great weekend. Shabbat Shalom! Hope you're inspired:

  • Where Are You Looking?

    Where Are You Looking?

    Why am I here?" and "What's my purpose in life?" These questions resonate with many, especially during moments of uncertainty and introspection. They are fundamentally spiritual questions, yet some remain unsatisfied with the simple, spiritual response:

  • Change Your Mind; Change Your Find

    Change Your Mind; Change Your Find

    It is only when we are in a perpetual state of gratitude that our best blessings are yet to come. The Talmud teaches that the Divine presence will not rest on a person in a state of sadness. Gratitude is a fundamental of Judaism.

  • A Lot on Your Plate?

    A Lot on Your Plate?

    We have only one life in which to partake and utilize the beautiful “smorgasbord” of opportunities and talents with which we were blessed. Yet, sadly, so many of us waste our lives. We starve our potential and feed our fears. But that is no healthy regimen.

  • So That's What You're Thinking?

    So That's What You're Thinking?

    If you wish to transform your life, reshape your thinking.