Laundry Day | On Distance - Boaz Levin

COURTESY OF by Adam Art Gallery Te Pataka Toi

Episode notes

One of the pivotal components of ‘Crossings’ was a layered installation in our Kirk Gallery. The space was used to unpack an essay written by Berlin-based writer Boaz Levin for the third iteration of the publication Next Spring titled ‘On Distance’. Included in the installation was a reading of this essay by the author. This reading is now available here.

Levin’s essay focusses on the film ‘Havarie’, by Philip Sheffner and Merle Kröger. This film repurposes a short, amateur video clip uploaded to YouTube by its author Terry Diamond, a passenger on board a cruise liner, who caught on camera a mid-Mediterranean encounter with a boat-load of refugees. Levin offers a powerful and multi-facetted reading of the film. He uses the occasion to offer his own meditations on distance. These draw on philosophy, art history, film theory ... 

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