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The official Te Pātaka Toi Adam Art Gallery podcast! This podcast channel is for material outside the exhibition space, be it recorded public programme, random series, occasional ponderings or curated content. If it is heard it may well end up here. Te Pātaka Toi Adam Art Gallery is the purpose-built gallery of Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington. It initiates, produces and presents a highly-regarded programme  ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 9

  • Folded Memory Ep2 | Ki te Ngāhere: Conversations about time, material & memory 

    Folded Memory Ep2 | Ki te Ngāhere: Conversations about time, material & memory 

    A forest consists of many timescales. Through a constant process of renewal and decay, the ecosystem becomes a record of time passing. Similarly, human memory folds together new and old. Every moment that something is remembered material traces are reshaped and reconstructed. This episode is a recording from a panel discussion featuring artists Taarn Scott and Raewyn Martyn in conversation with exhibition co-curator Su Ballard, which took place on 23 March 2024 as part of the closing weekend event for 'Folded Memory' titled 'Ki te Ngāhere: Conversations about time material and memory', Tracing an ongoing thread begun in a previous exhibition — Listening Stones Jumping Rocks (2021) — this conversation considers the way narratives and materials are interchangeable containers of ecological memory. In Invasive Weeds Taarn Scott has rendered Hana Pera Aoake’s poetry material. In Greywacke love poems: returns Raewyn Martyn explored how mutable material can dislodge skewed histories. In this conversation with exhibition curator Su Ballard, Scott and Martyn brought their practices together to reflect on the transformational potential of material as stories and stories as material. Together we imagined new old ways to create survivable futures.

  • Folded Memory Ep1 | Spoken Ecologies

    Folded Memory Ep1 | Spoken Ecologies

    On the occasion of the exhibition Folded Memory (18 November 2023 - 28 March 2024) this podcast episode is a recording of a poetry reading in the Gallery on Wednesday 13 March 2024, titled Spoken Ecologies. For Spoken Ecologies 2023/24 Tāhuhu Kōrero Toi Summer Scholar in Art History at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington, Margo Montes de Oca brought together poets to share work in response to Folded Memory. Using their poetry to bear witness to the kaleidoscopic stories of geology and ecology of Aotearoa, these readers guide us through shifting landscapes of time, extending the tendrils of human language out towards the more-than-human. Featuring Joan Fleming, Ash Davida Jane, Ruben Mita, Niamh Hollis-Locke, Loretta Riach, and Hana Pera Aoake.

  • Season 8

  • Back of House Ep2 | Thomas Voyce: Is This Meta Enough For You?

    Back of House Ep2 | Thomas Voyce: Is This Meta Enough For You?

    In this episode, you’ll hear a mastered recording of Is This Meta Enough For You? an improvised live electronic music performance by sonic artist Thomas Voyce. During the exhibition installation period for Back of House, Voyce collected field recordings by attaching binaural microphones to individual Adam Art Gallery staff members. Is This Meta Enough For You? is the culmination of these recordings amplified by Te Kōkī Soundsystem and mixed live in the gallery on the evening of Wednesday 18 October 2023. Thomas Voyce is a sound artist from Te Whanganui-a-Tara, who works primarily with field recordings and live diffusion. He has a particular interest in multi-element soundsystems, spatial audio and dub production techniques. Voyce has participated in sound art residencies in Aotearoa and South Africa, with fixed media work exhibited as part of Audiosphere: Sound Experimentation 1980-2020, Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid (2020-21). With an enduring fascination with vintage audio technology, Voyce often performs with analog mixing consoles and electromechanical effects, creating work that highlights the marriage of source materials and the production methodologies employed. Back of House, 12 August – 29 October 2023, Te Pātaka Toi Adam Art Gallery.

  • Back of House Ep1 | Cora-Allan: Making Material Histories

    Back of House Ep1 | Cora-Allan: Making Material Histories

    This episode features 'Aro Toi/ Art Collection in Focus' curator Sophie Thorn speaking with artist Cora-Allan on Saturday 16 September 2023, in a floor-talk associated with the exhibition 'Back of House'. Cora-Allan is of Māori (Ngāpuhi, Ngātitumutumu) and Niue descent. A contemporary practitioner of the Niue tradition of barkcloth known as hiapo, Cora-Allan is credited with reviving the ‘sleeping artform’ which has not been practised in Niue for several generations. In this conversation Sophie and Cora-Allan discuss the material processes of harvesting whenua paint and the materials science of producing natural dyes as they relate to Cora-Allan’s three works on hiapo, on display in ‘Aro Toi /Art Collection in Focus: A Gift, A Celebration, An Invitation’.

  • Season 7

  • S07 E07 - In Relation to In Relation Ep6 | Tina Barton Reads - Lunchtime Talks

    S07 E07 - In Relation to In Relation Ep6 | Tina Barton Reads - Lunchtime Talks

    Every second Tuesday lunchtime, Christina Barton, Director of the Adam Art Gallery and co-curator of In Relation: Performance Works by Peter Roche & Linda Buis 1979–1985, selects a performance in the exhibition and reads the relevant original notes drafted by the artists or compiled by their most assiduous audience member, the critic and curator Wystan Curnow. Her idea is to bring a live dimension into the gallery as a way of animating the documentation on display and sharing first-hand insights in their unedited form. Each reading is between 15 and 30 minutes in duration with some comments before and after. In this final session Tina reads an extract from the raw notes Wystan Curnow compiled about the performance by Peter Roche & Linda Buis in October 1982 in which they sit opposite each other raising their arms in a form of unrequited greeting at RKS Art in Auckland. She follows this by reading the published text, ‘A Fine How Do You Do’ Curnow wrote for the New Zealand Listener that gave a fuller account of the performance and was published on 26 February 1983. With grateful thanks to the author for allowing this reading.