Gurnimit Singh | How to attune with your authentic Self through the medicine of Naad?

A Curious Yogi with Bobbi Paidel by Bobbi Paidel

Episode notes

“When we’re distracted and not in tune with our authentic selves we don’t hear sound and magic around us. Let’s come back home and remember there’s this beautiful side of you.”

Gurnimit Singh is a 3rd generation kirtan singer from Chandigarh India who determined to share his lineage teachings and help practitioners evolve into their authentic selves through Bhakti Yog. He began his intense study of tabla, vocals, harmonium and kirtan at the age of 8. As a south asian LGBTQI, Gurnimit inspires others with his profound and accessible wisdom cultivated after healing his own trauma and reconciling his past of abuse.

A complete honor to share the space with Gurnimit in this vulnerable and illuminating conversation.

Here’s a few key points in this flowing discussion:

➖06:42: Bhakti, Kirtan and Sikhism

➖14:35: 3 core lesson ... 

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