SEASON 2 FINALE with Vijay Shyam | What does it mean to surrender the ego to Guru or God?

A Curious Yogi with Bobbi Paidel by Bobbi Paidel

Episode notes

Today I’m joined live in Sainj Valley, Himachal Pradesh, with a wonderful teacher, satsangee and great human being who I’m honoured to call my friend - Vijay Shyam. Check out season 1 episode 5 for the first conversation we had on the podcast, where Vijay shares his stories and insights and his meeting with Baba Vivekanand almost 40 years ago. 

As Vijay and I adventured for a few days in the Himalayas, we had a special meeting with this very same Baba before we recorded this episode. As we discuss what we’re experiencing and understanding in our own sadhana, highlighted by the teachings of our shared Guru, Babaji, and other enlightened beings, I’ve clipped in some of our talk with Babaji from his little room at the temple.

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