Jess LeBlanc | What is the true value of community & belonging?

A Curious Yogi with Bobbi Paidel by Bobbi Paidel

Episode notes

“ Belonging is a deep acceptance as who you are where all parts of you are welcome as a result of the human experience.”

This week’s guest is yogi, educator, leader and speaker Jess LeBlanc. She aims to inspire others to build a healthy connection and interaction between the mind and body – two equally important entities in the pursuit of true health. This is a beautifully insightful conversation around community, belonging, connection, and further more - the interconnectedness of us all.

Special moments from the conversation:

➖14:08 Community is key. “This work is not designed to be done in isolation.”

➖18:33 A place for awareness and compassion

➖20:18 Quick and dirty simple tools

➖32:43 Everyone deserves a seat at the table

➖40:22 Get off the internet

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