Noah Heney | Where do pran & qi open the door to the Source of who you are?

A Curious Yogi with Bobbi Paidel by Bobbi Paidel

Episode notes

"Our yoga and pranayam practice clears the clouds so I keep going; the sun is who I am, the space is who I am, that love is who I am."

This week's seeker of freedom is again my dear friend and a great teacher Noah Heney. Noah was on the show in season one, episode 6, where he shared his brilliant story of transforming his life from one of self-destruction to one of freedom & bliss.

In this episode, we dive into the subtle yet powerful neutrality of breath, praan and qi and how we can utilize them to refine our practice, and get to the source.

A few helpful and profund moments:

➖05:45 What is Praan, what is Qi?

➖14:11 Refining the system to be able to hear the answers

➖16:59 Beginning with a structure

➖28:48 These practices are for meditation

➖42:08 Practice, patience, and perseverance

➖52: ... 

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