Shannon O'Shea: The Orthotist's Role in Clubfoot Treatment

A Clubfoot Mom by Maureen Hoff

Episode notes

Shannon O’Shea is an ABC-certified prosthetist/orthotist and the Area Clinic Manager and National Clinical Specialist: Pediatrics for Hanger Clinic. As a strong believer in education, Shannon is passionate about ensuring families feel comfortable with, and supported throughout, their care journey. Shannon and I discuss what exactly an orthotist is and the role they play during clubfoot treatment. We talk about how important parent education is to empower parents to feel successful and how the relationship between the orthotist and the parent can play a major part in helping parents feel confident bracing at home. Shannon talks about the importance of asking questions and reaching out for help when needed. Shannon was an absolute joy to speak with and I am very grateful that she was able to be guest on the podcast today.

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