A Clubfoot Mom

by Maureen Hoff

A podcast for parents who are on the treatment journey with the clubfoot cuties. This podcast will discuss different aspects of clubfoot treatment from a parents perspective. It includes short individual podcasts about different aspects of clubfoot treatment and longer interview episodes where I speak with various parents, medical professionals, and clubfoot community members. I hope that you find something helpful from each ep ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • My Cutie's Activities After BnB

    My Cutie's Activities After BnB

    I had a recent email from a parent asking about our daughter's life after BnB in regards to sports and activities and how it compares to her peers. I talk about our cutie's overall activity level and the different components that play into that. I unexpected got emotional at the end of the episode, talking about how we have seen a transition from clubfoot being a major part of her life to now only being a piece of her story. Hope this episode helps parents out there who are wondering about life after BnB!

  • Caregiver to Parent Transition

    Caregiver to Parent Transition

    In this episode I open up about my feelings of moving from being her primary caregiver with BnB to our cutie going to Kindergarten full time. The amount of angst I felt about her going to Kindergarten was largely tied into her also graduating from BnB and trying to figure out how to transition out of that caregiver role for her. I felt very lost and wasn't sure whether or not I wanted (or even had a right to) create content for clubfoot parents. I hope these musing are helpful in some capacity to you all!

  • Clubfoot Update

    Clubfoot Update

    It has been a minute since I released a new episode and I thought I would give a little update on my cutie's clubfoot and what's been happening in our lives. Looking forward to releasing more episodes soon. As always, if there is content you want to hear about, please reach out! I thrive on the feedback from you all.

  • Emily Mallion: Clubfoot Mom, Author, and World Traveler

    Emily Mallion: Clubfoot Mom, Author, and World Traveler

    For the first episode of season 4 of A Clubfoot Mom podcast features a conversation with Emily Mallion a clubfoot mom and author of the children's book "Do You Have Magic Boots?" centered around the clubfoot journey. Emily talks about her son's clubfoot journey and the unique experience they had traveling the world as a family while he was in BnB. She gives her top 5 tips for traveling and how the experience traveling informed her writing her book. A huge thanks to Emily for being a guest and to check out her book click this link: https://emilymallionbooks.com/

  • Season 3

  • Is it the BnB or Something Else?

    Is it the BnB or Something Else?

    In this episode I talk about the challenges we faced with our cutie that we might have attributed to the BnB which in hindsight was actually probably more about her personality than anything else. It is hard enough trying to figure out what an infant needs and then you add in a medical device and it adds another layer of complexity. This is my reflection of how what I think was less about BnB and more about my cutie.