A Clubfoot Mom

by Maureen Hoff

A podcast for parents who are on the treatment journey with the clubfoot cuties. This podcast will discuss different aspects of clubfoot treatment from a parents perspective. It includes short individual podcasts about different aspects of clubfoot treatment and longer interview episodes where I speak with various parents, medical professionals, and clubfoot community members. I hope that you find something helpful from each ep ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • Should I tell her coach?

    Should I tell her coach?

    As my cutie gets older and enters into more organized sports, I wonder whether or not I should be telling her coaches or gym teachers about her clubfoot? I don't pretend to have the answer, I just walk through my experience with her gymnastics coach and trying to determine the best path forward with disclosing her clubfoot diagnosis to people.

  • A Bad Review

    A Bad Review

    A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon a bad review for my book Clubfoot Chronicles, and in this episode I discuss how I felt about the review and what it made me consider in relation to my work within the clubfoot community.

  • Catherine Mclean: A Clubfoot Warrior

    Catherine Mclean: A Clubfoot Warrior

    Catherine Mclean is a young woman living with clubfoot it the UK and discusses her experience of clubfoot with us on this episode. Catherine talks about how she viewed her clubfoot as a child, and how things changed when she was no longer had follow up appointments and began to experience pain as a teenage. She talks about her experience at university and how she has managed to advocate for herself to make the necessary accommodations to improve her quality of life. Catherine and I also have an interesting discussion about when and how to tell coaches and teachers about the clubfoot diagnosis. A huge thank you to Catherine for being a guest and sharing her story with us.

  • Travel Tips for Clubfoot Relapse Treatment with Anjie England

    Travel Tips for Clubfoot Relapse Treatment with Anjie England

    Anjie England is back in this episode to give us all her insights and experiences of traveling with her son Aaron for his clubfoot relapse treatment. She gives advice on how to navigate airport security, manage flights, and where to stay when you are out of state. Anjie is a wealth of knowledge in this department and I know that there are a fair amount of families who have to travel for treatment and I am so grateful for Anjie's willingness to talk about her experience.

  • Info about "Stepping Forward Together"- Clubfoot Parent Event

    Info about "Stepping Forward Together"- Clubfoot Parent Event

    In this short and sweet episode, I give you information about the upcoming Zoom event, "Stepping Forward Together", a parent event sponsored by MD Orthopaedics. The event is dedicated to clubfoot parents and features experienced orthotists, Shannon O'Shea from Hanger Clinic and Ksenia Major from Boston O&P. We gathered FAQ from the clubfoot community about the bracing phase of treatment and Shannon and Ksenia will be answering those questions. Anyone can register, it is completely free, and it is really focused on being an additional resource for clubfoot parents. Click this link to register: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_L1rR3GgLQDKp609VCLDIgw?fbclid=IwAR0tC12XVgRa6qFHz-umcsSzon56oqxNyvXq8tqg7OE31CCZ9dT7gNvNWwo#/registration