Pete - Aspiring Yogi

Local Voices (Miami) di LV TEAM - Simeon Dubois

Note sull'episodio

Pete is..........done looking for enlightenment. He invited himself over for chili.

Listen in for some great Adrenalism talk.

Are you in the 1%, or even just consider yourself blessed,

Consider why you don't give more of your growing gifts to charity,

The Kingdom of Heaven, peaks at around 80k,

More money, more problems,

Wondering how to open your heart more...........

In this episode you will learn,

  • The best way to pray and Ohm down intentions
  • The best way to soak up energy from the sun
  • SIMBA's most important mantra >> "May WE Project only the most Positive of Possibilities" (Say IT fives times per day at least)
  • Why you should start tithing (10%), sharing more consistently your wealth
  • Where you should share you generosity, if uncertain
  • The Four C's ... 
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