11. Broken English with Jelena Prljević and Miloš Bojović

Broken English di Mila Panic

Note sull'episodio

We are back! It was a short break, but I come back with two guests! Jelena Prljević and Milos Bojović, live from Požega (Serbia).

Was excited to talk to these two bright minds! TUNE IN and find out why we are in Požega; is there REALLY a difference between documentary short film and video art what happens when someone returns home and how to keep energies and motivation in a place fed with lethargy, and many other things...

Miloš Bojović is a photographer and occasional writer. In his work, Miloš explores the relations of fear, anxiety, and possibilities of choice in space of imagination. Experiments in the fields of image, sound, and text, he joins in video installations and film. He is a co-founder of ŽTMRLJ.PROD, a production house that explores topics inside the underground film, music videos, and stop-motion anim ... 

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