Broken English

by Mila Panic

The 'Broken English Podcast' is hosted by Mila Panic and optional take-over hosts. In addition to various topics related to language, one of the goals of this podcast is comfort in listening to broken English. In different episodes, we explore topics such as: What is 'broken' in the way we speak and for whom is 'broken', second language, native languages, "pollution" of English as an act of protest, class-related aspects of la ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • 14. Broken English with Katarina Petrović

    14. Broken English with Katarina Petrović

    Katarina Petrovic and I talk about her artistic practice, which is very much revolving around language. Tune in to hear more about her project Negative Poetry, how she made 15kg words, and to enjoy the sounds of Jupiter! About: Katarina Petrović (NL/RS) is an artist and researcher working at the intersection of art, science and humanities. Her work focuses on generative and creative processes, from meaning-making, poiesis and organizational systems to physics of sound, light and vacuum. She creates systems, procedural works that are presented as modular installations in an online and offline space, using media such as generative text, poetry, sound, software and performance.

  • BONUS: Poem by Rebecca A. Layton


    BONUS: Poem by Rebecca A. Layton


    Poem by Rebecca A. Layton

  • 13. Broken English with Rebecca A. Layton

    13. Broken English with Rebecca A. Layton

    This month my guest is Rebecca A. Layton ❤️ During our breakfast, we talk about her artistic practice, poetry, what it's like to live between New York and Berlin (whaaat?!), proofreading, and how broken English influenced her own way of speaking! And you can hear her read one of her poem that is published in a separate episode! ​​Rebecca A. Layton is an artist and writer living in Berlin, Germany and Brooklyn, NY. Their work looks at exhaustive maintenance, intimacy and digital versus in-person experience, exploring how the body functions (or doesn’t) within the constraints of society. Layton is a reiki practitioner and educator in the arts.

  • 12. Broken English with Žana Fejzić

    12. Broken English with Žana Fejzić

    For this episode, I invited Žana Fejzić! Born in Bosnia, emigrated to Germany, and then to USA, this great comedian, producer, and dancer talks about the difficulties and advantages of being an immigrant child, speaking 5 languages fluently, breaking away from crappy jobs, and having the courage to work for yourself. Žana Fejzić: Comedian, Producer, Choreographer & Podcaster: with only less than a year in comedy, Žana is quickly becoming one of the hardest working comedians in the Berlin comedy scene. Within 5 months of starting comedy, she became a finalist in the 2022 Berlin New Stand-Up Awards and is now hosting & producing shows in Berlin & Lisbon. You can catch her perform nightly across Berlin and hear her fresh take on the absurdity of immigration laws, her Balkan background, and growing up in Florida. You can follow her work and shows via her Instagram @zanafejzic

  • 11. Broken English with Jelena Prljević and Miloš Bojović

    11. Broken English with Jelena Prljević and Miloš Bojović

    We are back! It was a short break, but I come back with two guests! Jelena Prljević and Milos Bojović, live from Požega (Serbia). Was excited to talk to these two bright minds! TUNE IN and find out why we are in Požega; is there REALLY a difference between documentary short film and video art what happens when someone returns home and how to keep energies and motivation in a place fed with lethargy, and many other things... Miloš Bojović is a photographer and occasional writer. In his work, Miloš explores the relations of fear, anxiety, and possibilities of choice in space of imagination. Experiments in the fields of image, sound, and text, he joins in video installations and film. He is a co-founder of ŽTMRLJ.PROD, a production house that explores topics inside the underground film, music videos, and stop-motion animation. He is a member of the Youth in the 60s collective. Tightly collaborate with Jelena Prljević on various projects and ideas. He was a member of the Interaction.doc organization team. He writes different kinds of textual forms that are, so far, published in the online magazine Tag. He is based in Požega. IG: Jelena Prljević is an artist from Serbia whose practice explores the field of drawing, moving image, and installation. Her work suggests an understanding of fear and the healing process necessary to overcome both internal and external unrest. She participated in many national and international group exhibitions, film festivals, and collaborative projects. In 2018, in NYC, along with artists Nataša Prljević and Joshua Nierodzinski she co-founded HEKLER platform and transnational collective that focuses on examination of hospitality and conflict. In 2020 Jelena joins the Youth in the 60s collective. She spends time in her countryside Ljubanje, Serbia, where, together with her family and artist Miloš Bojović, she works on transformation and restoration of the old family houses with the intention to celebrate hospitality and further collaborations. IG: @jprljevic @heklerke Fb: j.prljevic Website:,