Versatility, Leadership, and Self-Awareness in Marketing with Sal Conca

Profitable Performance Marketing por Jamie Birch

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Join host Jamie Birch in a captivating conversation with Sal Conca, CEO of AmazingAds, as they delve into over two decades of industry collaboration and insights. From their co-marketing endeavors at 1800Flowers and Coldwater Creek to leadership reflections, affiliate marketing strategies, and the dynamic realm of video marketing, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge and experience. Discover the innovative "Flanking Allies" approach utilized by Sal and AmazingAds to empower affiliates and enhance brand visibility. Gain valuable insights into the importance of flexibility and adaptability in leadership, along with the finer nuances of YouTube audience targeting.

With highlights ranging from affiliate video tactics to leadership principles, this episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking actionable advice and industry expertise. Don't  ... 

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