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por Jennifer Yockey

Join Jen Yockey in creating a sacred container for discovery and healing. A place where you are invited to safely inquire, contemplate and explore the paths of wellness, awareness and truth.

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  • H O P E

    H O P E

    Hope. One of my mentors reminds me that when I am hoping, I am not in the present moment. This isn't the kind of hope that I am talking about. I am talking about the kind of hope that occurs when a weight has been lifted. Sometimes, we know that we have been weighed down and sometimes we have no idea how MUCH we have been weighed down. Join me for this episode about hope, listening and truth. Thank you, husband, for the edit and thank you, Joe Seiders for the music. *Apologies for the audio as I was trying something different with the microphone. Needless to say, I won't do it again. To borrow from Liz Gilbert, sometimes done is better than good. And today, that is the case.

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  • COVID, The Grief Cycle and Finding the Ground

    COVID, The Grief Cycle and Finding the Ground

    This episode Jen talks about some advice her Dad gave her when she was a kid on the golf course and how it is SO appropriate for our current situation. During this uncertain time, it is important to get some exercise and create peace and ease around our thoughts an emotions. FREE Online Yoga on ZOOM with Jen | Monday - Friday at 10a PST | FREE 5 Minute Meditations on Jen's IGTV or on Facebook: Women's Group: The reading at the end of the podcast was by David Whyte from his book called Consolations. The reading is called Ground. Thank you to my husband for his producing wizardry and to Joe Seiders for the intro/outro music. I am grateful to you both.

  • Resolutions, Goals, Intentions... OH MY!

    Resolutions, Goals, Intentions... OH MY!

    Resolutions, Goals, Intentions... OH MY! Did you set a New Year's Resolution? Have you already abandoned it? Are you feeling guilty about this? Irritated? WHY did you set the resolution? Maybe we need to shift our focus to HOW we want to feel and then set goals/intentions/resolutions based on THAT. Resources: www.jenyockey/ Thank you to my husband for editing this podcast and to Joe for the music!

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  • Stop Drinking the Poison

    Stop Drinking the Poison

    Join Jen this week to discuss forgiveness, resentments and why holding on to all of it is bad for YOU. One of my favorite quotes is: "not forgiving is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to get sick." Another favorite quote is by Seane Corn about forgiveness: "You can't bypass the 'f#$! you' to get to the 'I forgive you." I think that many of us confuse forgiveness with condoning. Forgiveness has ZERO to do with condoning and everything to do with our own freedom. Thank you, as always, to my husband for his awesome editing (I had a huge coughing fit and he edited it all out!). Thank you, Joe Seiders for music... it is my FAVE. Link to the the Forgiveness IQ by Belmont Wellness:

  • Survive & Thrive (Holiday Edition)

    Survive & Thrive (Holiday Edition)

    Join Jen this week to discuss strategies to survive (and thrive) this Holiday season. Nine ways to thrive this Holiday Season: 1. MOST things you cannot control.2. There ARE things that are in your control.3. ALLOW vs. ACCEPT4. Mindfulness.5. Take charge of your thoughts.6. Breathe.7. Gratitude.8. Self-Care.9. Comparison is a LIAR.I read from a book called Prayers of Honoring Voice by Pixie Lighthorse. If you don't have all four of her books, you should get them. Holiday Support Group on FB: Meditation Group on FB: Thank you, Jay, for producing the podast (and editing out DOGS!) and Thank you, Joe Seiders for the music. You are a gem.