Q4 2021 RSS.com Product Updates

If you saw our Q2 update, you know that RSS.com is committed to making our platform the best in the business.

We recently released the latest version of our platform with several improvements and new features, and are excited to share our most recent updates and product releases in Q4 2021. 

October 2021

  • English, Italian and Spanish text improved
  • Sign in flow improved
  • Added new languages to our podcast configuration

November 2021

  • Improved the page loading time of our podcast and analytics dashboards by as much as 10x
  • Enhanced our support ticket processing to make it easier to address support requests
  • Improved mobile navigation making it easier to load and update podcasts on the go, and to navigate public podcast and episode pages
  • Implemented a donation button so that our podcasters can specify an external web address for donations that will be included in RSS Feeds and also displayed on public podcast websites
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December 2021

  • Completed our RSS.com podcast migration tool that makes it easy to switch from any host to RSS.com with just a few clicks
  • Improved our payment processing for easier renewals
  • Released episode transcripts for podcast episodes that will enhance the listener experience and improve the search engine optimization for episode pages
  • Integrated multi language improvements 
  • Improved our cross-platform analytics to make our dashboards easier to read and gain actionable insights
  • We’ve added a custom website URL option inside public podcast pages that allows our podcasters to specify an external website or blog that will be included in RSS Feeds 

Our team is working on new and exciting tools that will be released in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for updates!

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