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As part of’s Q2 2022 strategy, our Company has been working on a 360 degree rebranding initiative that included all the aspects of the business, spanning from marketing material, our website, and the consolidation of several variants of our company name including “RSS Podcasting” and “ Podcasting” into a single DBA name:

Updating the DBA is simply another way we are choosing to refine our user experience. Ease and simplicity are hallmarks of our brand, and the name conveys that to our users and their listeners. RSS is deeply intertwined with podcasting and we at hope to continue expanding the impact RSS feeds have on the free and open exchange of ideas and information across the world.

Ben Richardson – Co-Founder of

During our rebranding operation, we have redesigned our homepage and we’ve released a new page showcasing the Features of our podcast hosting service.

Every detail matters. In our website we deliberately refrain from the use of stock pictures as many competitors do. We chose to show no people in our product, but rather design colorful anthropomorphic cartoon characters that do not present any direct human connotation. This is our way to address the topic of diversity. We celebrate our podcasters for what they have to say, regardless of who they are.

Alberto Betella – Co-Founder of

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