September 2023 Updates

Managing Your Podcast Just Got Easier


in Product Evangalist, Joe Casabona is here to walk you through the exciting new features released in September 2023.

In this overview, we’ll cover significant changes to public podcast pages, episode timestamp sharing, and the ability to add collaborators to your podcast. podcaster page

Public Podcast Page Enhancements

We’ve revamped public podcast pages to enhance the podcaster experience. 

These improvements make navigating and enjoying your favorite podcasts even easier. 

Updates include:

A Brighter Look: We’ve lightened the background to provide a more comfortable viewing experience.

Controlled Descriptions: We’ve limited the episode description character count to 430 on desktop and 160 on mobile, ensuring concise yet informative content.

Uniform Cover Size: The podcast cover has been resized for a consistent appearance on all devices. 

Streamlined “Read More”: The “Read more” feature now operates consistently across the platform.

podcast episode timestamp sharing

Episode Timestamp Sharing

One standout feature is the episode timestamp sharing option. Similar to YouTube, you can now share specific moments in episodes down to the second.

No more searching for that one perfect clip or quote—simply click, share, and engage with your audience effortlessly.

To find a specific moment to share, open your episode transcript, click the timestamp, and dive straight into the section you’re looking for.

Don’t forget that automatic transcriptions come free with any paid plan.

generate episode timestamps

Streamlined Podcast Management

Growing a successful podcast can be a team effort. is pleased to introduce the ability to add collaborators. Paid plan users can invite up to 10 collaborators, each with specific roles.

Admins can manage episodes, access analytics, and configure settings, while Analysts can view and export analytics.

This new feature streamlines collaboration, eliminates the need to share login credentials, and simplifies the management of your podcast.

Adding a new Admin or Analyst to your show is as simple as inputting their email address, name, choosing their role and sending an invitation. Once they accept, you can work seamlessly with your collaborators.

add podcast collaborators

Whether you’re a podcast creator or listener, these features are designed to make your experience on even more enjoyable. Happy podcasting!

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