iPhone Podcast Guide

The Best iPhone Podcast Guide

Whether you’re a podcast addict or a fresh newbie, make sure you know exactly what you’re doing when it comes to podcasts so you can enjoy your favorite content to its fullest extent.

How to Download Podcasts on iPhone

Keeping up with your favorite podcasts is easy with your iPhone. This is how to get podcasts on your iPhone.

Have a specific podcast in mind? Open the Podcasts app on your iPhone and search for the podcast you’re looking for. Tap on the podcast when the results come up, and subscribe. Now the podcast will be available in your podcast library, making it easy to find downloaded podcasts on your iPhone.

If you want to download a specific podcast episode to your iPhone, just go to the library and tap Available Episodes. You’ll see a plus sign to the right of each episode. Tap that plus sign. A small cloud sign will appear in the same place. Tap the cloud, and a status circle will appear, showing your download progress. This is how you can be sure you have downloaded successfully.

In the library of the Podcasts app, you can clearly see all the shows and episodes you’ve added. This is where downloaded podcasts go on your iPhone. If you want to find downloaded podcasts on your iPhone, just tap Downloaded Episodes. You can then listen to these without using cellular data or Wi-Fi.

How to Delete Podcasts From an iPhone

Podcasts can take up quite a bit of space on your phone, and as much as you may love certain episodes, it’s sometimes best to delete podcasts from your iPhone in order to make room for new content.

Episodes automatically delete 24 hours after you play them. But if you haven’t listened to an episode and you still want to delete the podcast from your iPhone, here is how to remove podcasts.

    1. In the Podcasts app, tap into a podcast series from the My Podcasts section.
    2. Tap the podcast show you wish to delete. This will bring you to its information page.
    3. Find the episode you want to delete, and swipe left on it.
    4. You will then see an option to delete. Tap Delete.

And that’s it!

How Do I Listen to Podcasts on My iPhone?

Listening to a podcast on your iPhone couldn’t be easier. That’s why podcasts are regularly gaining in popularity. Listen to your favorite hosts talk about your favorite subjects no matter where you are.

Open the Podcasts app, and head to the search page. Type the name of the podcast you want to listen to on your iPhone. Tap on the podcast you want from the search results, and you’ll see a list of available episodes. Tap on the episode you’d like to hear. You can even subscribe to the podcast so that you never miss a new episode.

The Podcasts app does a great job keeping you engaged as you listen to podcasts on your iPhone. After an episode finishes playing, an unplayed episode of the same show will begin playing next.

And you’ll be able to see shows you might like as well, so you can add more favorite podcasts to listen to on your iPhone.

If you want to listen to podcasts on your iPhone without using data, download the episodes. Any episodes in your library can be accessed on your iPhone without using Wi-Fi or cellular data.

How to Stop Podcasts from Automatically Playing on iPhone

If you aren’t interested in hearing the next episode automatically after you finish one episode, go to Settings, and tap Podcasts. Find Auto Downloads under Subscription Defaults. 

Select the Off position for the Auto Downloads, and you won’t have to deal with podcasts automatically playing on your iPhone anymore.

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Where Do I Find Podcasts on My iPhone?

If you are wondering how to find podcasts on your iPhone, it couldn’t be easier. Go to the Podcasts app on your iPhone (it should already be installed) and access your library. You’ll find any downloaded podcasts there, and you can search for new ones as well.

Are podcasts free on iPhone? Yes, and isn’t it wonderful! You have access to any subject and available podcast you want through the Podcasts app.

What Is the Best Podcast Player for iPhone?

The Apple Podcasts app is the default podcast app for iPhone. It comes with your iPhone, and is a great podcast player for iPhone. But there are others to choose from as well.

RadioPublic is a free podcast app for iPhone that allows you to stream and download episodes, add private RSS feeds, import and export using OPML, and more.

Castbox is a free podcast app for iPhone with a powerful search engine that allows you to easily find your favorite podcasts. It also includes a sleep timer, allows you to adjust playback speed, and more.

Pocket Casts was called the “best podcast app for iPhone” by iMore. It allows you to trim silence, use variable speed, control it from Apple Watch, and more.

Podbean is a free podcast app for iPhone that includes enhanced discovery, notification, and playback features.

There are plenty of good podcast apps for the iPhone. It’s just a matter of testing them out and determining which features combine to create the best podcast app for iPhone for your tastes.

How Do You Sync Podcasts to Your iPhone?

Apple allows you to sync podcasts between devices.

    • First, log all your devices into the same Apple ID.
    • On each device, go to Settings and select Podcasts.
    • Choose the option to Sync Podcasts.
    • On your computer, open iTunes and select Preferences. Choose the option to Sync Podcast Subscriptions and Settings.

And that’s all there is to it! Now your favorite podcasts will be on all your devices.

How Do You Transfer Podcasts to New iPhone?

You just got the latest iPhone, and of course you want to listen to your favorite podcasts — just like you were doing with the old iPhone. How do you transfer your favorite podcasts to your new iPhone?

An easy and quick way to transfer podcasts (and music, photos, contacts, messages, and more) to a new phone is to use the iOS data transfer tool called AnyTrans. You’ll need to connect the two iPhones to your computer and launch AnyTrans. You’ll then go to the manage page of your old iPhone and click on Podcasts. 

From there, you’ll select the podcasts to transfer by clicking on the To Device option. After this, you’ll have access to all your normal podcasts on your new iPhone.

How to Restore Podcast App on iPhone

Whoops! You deleted the podcast app from your iPhone, but now you want it back! What are you to do? Don’t fret. There’s a simple solution.

    • Go to the App store from your iPhone.
    • Search for the app with the exact name.
    • Tap the cloud to restore the app.
    • Voila! Once restored, the podcast app will appear on your home screen.

How to Make a Podcast on iPhone

We really are living in one of the greatest times. If you have a message to share, you don’t have to have fancy equipment and an expensive studio to get your voice in front of an audience. Nope, you already have exactly what you need. That’s right — You can record a podcast using an iPhone (and a microphone).

Find a podcast hosting service you like to make record a podcast on your iPhone.

Podbean allows you to record, edit, and publish a podcast using an iPhone in simple steps. It provides music you can use to enhance your recording. Editing is simple, and so is publishing.

Anchor also makes it easy to record a podcast on your iPhone. You can record with your friends, add transitions, add background tracks, publish, or schedule your podcast to be published in the future.

These apps make it so easy to record a podcast using an iPhone. List the URL to your RSS podcast feed so listeners can easily subscribe and never miss an episode.


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