Machine Learning: Opportunities and risks for the future. Ep19- Dr. Huong Ha

The Zista Podcast by Zista Education

Episode notes
Welcome to our latest episode of The Zista Podcast where we unravel the world of Machine Learning. Perfect for students and tech enthusiasts, we delve into critical topics such as the distinctions between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, trending Machine Learning applications globally, and fresh insights into Machine Learning research.Joining the conversation is Dr. Huong Ha from RMIT University’s School of Science. With a robust academic background and an array of published papers on machine learning, Dr. Ha brings invaluable expertise to the table.About The Zista Podcast:Zista Podcast addresses recurrent queries raised by students relating to a specific subject area. We invite industry professionals, senior academicians, and thought leaders to share insights, and provide much-needed clarity to undergr ...   ...  Read more
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