Is a career in Hospitality right for you? | EP1 (ft. Sarosh Daruwalla)

The Zista Podcast by Zista Education

Episode notes

Is a career in Hospitality right for you? What skills do you need to succeed in the global hospitality industry? And, is it the right industry for you? Welcome to the first episode of Zista Podcast’s hospitality series. In this episode, we will hear from Mr. Sarosh Daruwalla, Country Head, Les Roches, Glion & Ecole Ducasse. He is widely regarded as a hospitality education counseling expert and is also a Les Roches alumnus. Sarosh shatters the myopic viewpoint held by most and explains how hospitality prepares you for careers in the global experience economy. Hospitality degrees can be viewed as a business management degree with a hospitality orientation. The skills you learn in hospitality are transferable to other service industries. Over the following weeks, you will get to watch and hear some incredible insights from highly accomplished in ... 

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