Building and scaling an AI Startup in India and globally - S2 Ep 10 - Indrajeet Saikia

The Zista Podcast by Zista Education

Episode notes

AI Startup Secrets: From India to the World

Introducing a fresh episode of The Zista Podcast with our special guest Indrajeet Saikia. His vast experience in AI and NLP has positioned him at the forefront of technological innovation, solving critical business problems. This episode takes you through the journey of scaling an AI startup, highlighting Indrajeet's work with Zeon AI and his collaborations with industry giants.

Learn about creating standout AI solutions, navigating funding landscapes, and overcoming growth challenges. Indrajeet's insights provide a practical guide for anyone looking to venture into the AI startup ecosystem.

Tune into this episode of The Zista Podcast with Indrajeet Saikia for an engaging discussion on the intricacies of AI startup development.

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