How Vegan startups are changing the food landscape, Part 2 - S2 Ep 9 - Mukeeta Manukulasuriya

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Episode notes

Back with a Fresh Serving: The Future of Food in Vegan Startups- Part 2

We're excited to bring you Part 2 of our exploration into the vegan startup ecosystem on The Zista Podcast, featuring Mukeeta Manukulasuriya, the visionary co-founder behind Jungle Kitchen. Mukeeta returns to share more on the transformative impact of vegan startups on our diets and the environment, highlighting Jungle Kitchen's role in this global shift towards sustainable eating.

In "How Vegan Startups are Changing the Food Landscape: Part 2," we uncover the strategies for crafting vegan products that appeal to diverse global tastes, the challenges of breaking into new markets, and the foundational advice for aspiring eco-entrepreneurs looking to make a positive impact through food. 

Additionally, Mukeeta discusses the importance of building a cohesi ... 

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