The Writers Block - with Ron Knight

by Ron Knight

Ron Knight (Sirius, The Travel Channel, Chapala Radio, ABC) yucks up the talk with writers, talent n' topics in contemporary media, of the world, subjects of newest releases in book, ebook, audiobook, working titles and works in progress. Covering certain world views and a touch on geopolitics, everything from media, film, screenplay, music, book, interactive, animation, even prose, poetry and essay get an even, open crack. 

Podcast episodes

  • Parati with Luciano Alves

    Parati with Luciano Alves

    From a prior broadcast at Sirius New York, Ron gets to travel to Brazil to talk with author and instructor Luciano Alves, in the historic village of Parati. One of the activities of Luciano Alves in the field of teaching music is his research into methods that streamline the learning process, writing books showing the uses of chords and scales, as well as the development of piano-playing techniques. His books, methods and songbooks feature many different musical genres and writers, produced and edited by Luciano Alves for several different publishers globally and his books are available in English. The two sit down in the charming village of Parati which is and was a cultural cornucopia of history in Brazil where cross currents of invasions became reflected in the language of music. 

  • Bandoleros Songwriting Mixes Up the World Beat

    Bandoleros Songwriting Mixes Up the World Beat

    Chicago-based Bandoleros sit down with Ron Knight in the New York City Studios to talk about their unique, local but global fusion, a true World Music phenomenon, known for its spicy blend of musical styles that get people up on their feet. With Middle Eastern, Spanish flamenco and Latin flavors, with a unique, eclectic repertoire in such diverse languages as Arabic, English, Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Turkish, Bandoleros’ spirited, get-up-and-dance music has resulted in sold-out performances in popular clubs and concert venues worldwide. 

  • Gal Costa, reigning queen of Brazil's Bossa Nova on Jobim and tropicalismo

    Gal Costa, reigning queen of Brazil's Bossa Nova on Jobim and tropicalismo

    What is it about the writings and music of Antonio Carlos Jobim that so defined the beauty and nature of what we think of Brazil. Ron is joined by legendary Brazilian Superstar Gal Costa in this historic interview, to talk of the music, the Bossa Nova, the writings of Jobim, and the flavors and love... of Brazil. 

  • The Magic Box

    The Magic Box

    What is the brilliance and meaning of The Magic Box? Reflecting on the story of the first guitar brought into an African village in the homeland, renown Classical Guitarist John Williams shares his story behind "The Magic Box" on Sony Classical. The piece works as tribute to the impact of Francis Bebey, awarded journalist, as the Cameroonian-born writer, author, guitarist, and composer, was also one of the best-known singer-songwriters of Africa. While the gramophone may have a needle in the past, the work moves the needle between Classical Music in the western traditions, while making room for the UNESCO honored author, surveyor of African Heritage and authority of African traditional music. 

  • Top Tech Toys and Get Your Stuff Together - Advocacy, with Laura Greenwald

    Top Tech Toys and Get Your Stuff Together - Advocacy, with Laura Greenwald

    How to Keep from Losing the Things that Make Your Life, Your Life. Your home, family, and the things that you love, safe and secure. Laura Greenwald joins Ron on this episode, to talk about Top Tech Toys, and how to Get Your Stuff Together in today's multiple potentials for emergency. Laura, along with her mother Janet, is one half of only mother/daughter writing team in the entertainment industry. Laura began her writing and production network sitcoms at MGM and Warner Brothers, and catches up with Ron on stories about mutual days of Hollywood, how relationships turned to development deals. The Greenwalds were introduced to emergency preparedness the hard way, as a horrendous medical tragedy took the life of their mother/grandmother, Elaine Sullivan. Laura ;and her mother Janet were kept from preventing the drug interaction that took Elaine's life. Pushed to become Champions of Advocacy, Laura & Jan joined forces with legislators in Illinois and California to enact three Next of Kin Laws, now enforced in both states to help prevent these by now all too common "death by lack of communication" contraindication stories.  From Covid 19, to earthquakes, to hard drive crashes, over 600,000 readers have enjoyed Laura's emergency toolkits in the form of shortcut sheets, action plans, materials and books for better living and protection in these times of crisis - as well as great tip books on tech toys and gadgets to simplify life.