The Infamous Five Dollar Client | Cheap Clients

Making Money From Home: by Carl Payne

Episode notes
Welcome to "The Five Dollar Client," the podcast that dives deep into the challenging world of client relationships. I'm your host, Carl Payne, and today, we're joined by a special guest, Coach Sean, as we navigate the complex terrain of the infamous $5 client. These are the clients who consistently push for more while offering less, often leaving service providers frustrated and drained. In this comprehensive episode, we explore strategies and insights to effectively handle these demanding clients, safeguard your business, and thrive in the face of such challenges.Our journey begins by unveiling the enigmatic persona of the $5 client. We'll explore their motivations, shedding light on why they relentlessly seek the lowest costs and consistently demand more. Understanding their psychology is the first step toward effectively ...   ...  Read more
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