WORD with Dr. Michael David Clay

by Dr. Michael David Clay

The definitive clinical WORD in personal growth and development. CONTACT: Michael David Clay, D. Min, MA, thewordhouse@frontier.com

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Re-energizing the Therapeutic Endeavor!

    Re-energizing the Therapeutic Endeavor!

    Can't make anyone do what they don't want to do; that includes both the clinician as well the patient. Re-energizing the Therapeutic Endeavor may not require much more than recognizing the only way around RESISTENCE is to go through it together! Contact Us; TheWORDHouse.com; DrMDClay@TheWORDHouse.com; on FB and YouTube @TheWORDHouse; or call 304.523.WORD (9673).

  • SLEEP and Primary Psychological Self-Care.

    SLEEP and Primary Psychological Self-Care.

    SLEEP is good! Poor SLEEP is BAD, and BAD for you! Sounds pretty BASIC and it is, if you begin with the notion of SELF-CARE. After that, then come SEE us. Contact Us: TheWORDHouse.com; drmdclay@thewordhouse.com; @WORD House on FB and YouTube; or call 304.523.WORD (9673).

  • Memories Made: The Golden Years.

    Memories Made: The Golden Years.

    So what does it take to QUALIFY as the BEST YEARS of one's LIFE? Quite possibly nothing more than good memory and the willingness to stay POSITIVELY true to your SELF!

  • Better Forgotten!

    Better Forgotten!

    Maybe! Most likely NOT; if wanting to FORGET means we don't LEARN and GROW from it. Even worse; if FORGETTING makes us prone to ISSUES. Contact Us: DrMDClay@TheWORDHouse.com; TheWORDHouse.com; on YouTube/FB @WORDHouse; or Call 304.523.WORD (9673).

  • Romantic Nostalgia and Relationship Counseling.

    Romantic Nostalgia and Relationship Counseling.

    The COURSE to relational maturity follows the same course, regardless the number of partners or relations you've had. Staying or leaving, you'll still have to get past the present moment you're in, if you want to finish the COURSE. Contact Us: DrMDClay@TheWORDHouse.com; 304.523.WORD (9673); TheWORDHouse.com.