Where Our Minds Take UsExplicit

by Isaac

Welcome to the one and only podcast “Where Our Minds Take Us”. It’s a podcast by people for people, with people and about people sometimes… Join in and listen to explore strange new worlds and go on audio adventures with the cast and crew of WOMTU. Yes that’s right, we are calling it WOMTU. From van dwelling, weight lifting and outdoorsmanship to the ultimate question; did Epstein kill himself? We delve into the stories, detail ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Relationship Episode 2


    Relationship Episode 2


    In the 2nd installment relationship installment of WOMTU, Mckayla and I ask eachother more questions talk about coronavirus!

  • Episode 2 In a Van Down by The River


    Episode 2 In a Van Down by The River


    In this episode we gather around our single mic in Corins handcrafted van home and talk about alternative living and homelessness...

  • Episode 0


    Episode 0


    In this introductory episode I will be talking about what this podcast is, why I am doing it and what to expect for its future.

  • Episode 1 Beer, Wings and things


    Episode 1 Beer, Wings and things


    In the first official non minisode of WOMTU, the guys sit around, sip some beers and talk about the various ins and outs of wings and life...

  • Minisode 2 - Bodybuilding

    Minisode 2 - Bodybuilding

    In this minisode of WOMTU I talk about my history of weightlifting, steroid use and the fallacies of modern fitness advice.