Racism in the Fishing Industry: A Discussion with Erica Nelson and Cherilynn Tsosie

Women in Waders by Natalie Davey

Episode notes

Our world is facing two pandemics; COVID-19 and racism. With protests popping up all across the nation and the world after George Floyd's death, conversations around race are happening more and more frequently in many spheres including the outdoor industry. These conversations are long overdue and the fishing industry is certainly not exempt from upholding these structures of racial oppression, as barriers to entry for this sport are incredibly high. Tune into this conversation with Brown Folks Fishing Ambassadors Erica Nelson and Cherilynn Tsosie to hear about the intersection of indigenous perspectives, feminism, conservation, and white supremacy. And white womxn and womxn's fishing communities: we are responsible for upholding racial exclusivity as well. Listen in to Episode 2 to learn more about the role we play in perpetuating it on the wate ... 

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