The Woah Bro PodcastExplicit

by Keith Thurston

A podcast for guys to talk about dude stuff! Listen to my podcast with my friends! Where we talk about the struggles of being new dads, day to day life as a man, and even deeper topics like mens mental health.

Podcast episodes

  • Happy Halloween!


    Happy Halloween!


    Keith and Joe are finally back! We also welcome our first guest Jared, Keith's lifelong bestfriend. they exchange laughs and spooky stories.

  • Woah Bro Ep 5

    Woah Bro Ep 5

    Keith and Joe get in and just mess around for half an hour.

  • Woah Bro Ep 4

    Woah Bro Ep 4

    Keith, Don, and Joe discuss a few random topics and have some laughs.

  • WoahBro EP 3 Us Stuff

    WoahBro EP 3 Us Stuff

    This is a Keith and Joe episode, where we talk a little more about us.

  • WoahBro EP 2 Paranormal Stuff


    WoahBro EP 2 Paranormal Stuff


    In this episode we talk about paranormal stuff, and things get real interesting around minute 43!