Pat Muoio - Partner, Sinewave Ventures

Women In Technology Spotlight by Ronke Babajide

Episode notes
Pat Muoio is a seasoned technology professional and partner at Sinewave Ventures. With a diverse background that began in philosophy, Pat embarked on a career that led her to the U.S. intelligence community, where she discovered her passion for technology and problem-solving. She excelled as a crypto analyst, delving into the world of code-breaking and complex analysis. Pat's natural curiosity and drive to improve led her to become a self-taught programmer, utilizing technology as a powerful tool for analytical work. Over the years, her expertise expanded to encompass various aspects of computing, research, and leadership roles. Recognizing the need for collaboration between the government, commercial sector, and academia, Pat made a transition to venture capital. Joining Sinewave Ventures, she became a partner with a vision to invest in and support ...   ...  Read more
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