Women In Technology Spotlight

by Ronke Babajide

A space where I talk to women working in IT across the spectrum of different roles. We will discuss our career journey, visions, obstacles, roles, our views on the industry, what we love and why we are here to stay

Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • Jacqueline Berger – Data Scientist

    Jacqueline Berger – Data Scientist

    Welcome back to our special "Where Are They Now?" episode of the Women in Technology Spotlight. In this episode, we catch up with Jacqueline Berger, an inspiring figure who has made a significant transition from being a "data scientist in progress" to a full-fledged data scientist at Frequentis, all while juggling the roles of being a mother and a student. Dive into Jacqueline's journey as she shares the challenges and triumphs of completing her bachelor's degree, landing her dream job in the safety-critical communication domain, and how she overcame the hurdles of rejections and age disparity through resilience, visibility, and networking. Jacqueline's story is not just about personal success; it's a beacon of encouragement for women in tech, emphasizing the importance of visibility, self-promotion, and the revolutionary "I Am Remarkable" initiative. From her past as a drilling engineer to her passionate involvement in mentorship and empowering women through technology workshops, Jacqueline's narrative is a testament to the power of adaptability, continuous learning, and the pivotal role of community support in career development. Join us as Jacqueline also delves into the evolving landscape of AI and data science, sharing insights on the significance of data management, the excitement of working on the cutting edge of technology, and her aspirations for the future in a cyber defense center at a bank. Her experience underscores the importance of soft skills, business acumen, and the transformative impact of bringing diverse perspectives to technology and security. This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in the dynamics of career change, the empowerment of women in STEM, and the endless possibilities that lie in the intersection of technology, data science, and personal growth.

  • Season 3

  • Sigrid Uray-Esterer - co-founder, JobTwins

    Sigrid Uray-Esterer - co-founder, JobTwins

    Sigrid Uray-Esterer is co-founder of the job-sharing platform JobTwins and has been working together with founder Katharina Miller on the development and expansion of job-sharing in Austria since mid-2021. The two mothers of two children each are convinced that part-time work not only deserves a better image but that there is still a lot of undiscovered potential that needs to be tapped in times of labor shortages. www.jobtwins.work

  • Margarita Misheva - digitale Mutmacherin

    Margarita Misheva - digitale Mutmacherin

    Margarita Misheva bezeichnet sich selbst als digitale Mutmacherin. Sie unterstützt vor allem Frauen dabei sich auf den Weg in die digitale Zukunft zu begeben. Die digitale Transformation eröffnet unzählige Möglichkeiten, die es zu entdecken und zu nutzen gilt. Um den digitalen Wandel als Unternehmer:in aktiv mitzugestalten, ist es entscheidend, Veränderungen zu verstehen und sie als Chance zu begreifen. In ihrer Rolle als IT-Dienstleisterin und digitale Strategie-Beraterin ist es ihre Leidenschaft, neue Denkweisen zu erforschen und technische Lösungen für Ein-Personen-Unternehmen (EPU) im Bereich der digitalen Transformation zu finden. Mit Mut, Freude und technischem Verstand steht sue ihren Klient:innen zur Seite und fungiert als digitale Mutmacherin, um sie zu stärken und zu inspirieren - so wirkungsvoll wie ein guter Espresso.

  • Dr. Anna Fedorova - Senior IT Business Consultant

    Dr. Anna Fedorova - Senior IT Business Consultant

    Dr. Anna Fedorova, is a Senior IT Business Consultant at Senacor Technologies, a German consulting company that drives big-scale digital transformation in different large enterprises in such domains as banking, insurance, and automotive. She grew up in Ukraine, where she started her academic path, obtaining a double Master's degree in material science in Kyiv and Magdeburg, Germany. She later continued the scientific track with a Ph.D. in material science. After working for some years in IT consulting dealing with different projects around data modeling, transformation, and storage, she decided to go back to school to acquire another degree in Data Science, which she finished recently. Anna is passionate about the current development in the field of AI and especially such topics as AI ethics and algorithms' fairness. She lately wrote her Master's thesis about team diversity in scientific publications about gender bias, and in her free time, she works on personal projects that apply data science tools for research purposes.

  • Rania Wazir - Co-founder & CTO, leiwand.ai

    Rania Wazir - Co-founder & CTO, leiwand.ai

    In this podcast, we dive into the fascinating world of AI and data science with Rania Wazir, an accomplished mathematician and expert in the field. As co-founder and CTO of leiwand.ai, a startup promoting trustworthy AI solutions, Rania shares her insights on the importance of developing and implementing reliable AI technologies for organizations and businesses. With her extensive knowledge in natural language processing, social media monitoring, and trustworthy AI, she offers valuable expertise and talks about her involvement in various research and development projects related to building trust in AI systems. In addition, Rania's active involvement in international standards bodies such as ISO /IEC and CEN /CENELEC demonstrates her commitment to shaping the future of AI on a global scale. Join us to experience the incredible work Rania Wazir is doing to pave the way for ethical and responsible AI applications and learn more about her contributions to various data-for-good initiatives.