Wispit By Angela

by AR Wispit

Wispit by Angela is a podcast designed by an African American female physician for the purpose of giving examples of personal life lessons, experiences, achievements, set backs, and wisps of wisdom. The goal is to hopefully help someone, anyone, who desires more out of this life. Wispit is not a medical forum, but more of an encapsulation of the experiences and words of wisdom of many people, some of whom are colleagues and f ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 10

  • "God Has Been There In Spite Of It All"

    "God Has Been There In Spite Of It All"

    Will you be ready when Jesus comes? What will be the condition of your heart? No matter your faults or mistakes, God loves you and cares in spite of it all.

  • "Stop Giving In So Easily"

    "Stop Giving In So Easily"

    What if you could have everything you wanted without any effort. Wouldn't that be great. Well, that wouldn't be reality would it? Of course not, that would be a world of fantasy and make believe. You want change? Then be the instrument of change!

  • "Addiction Of Negative Thinking"

    "Addiction Of Negative Thinking"

    Why is that everything in life now is addicted to a negative mindset? Life is filled with all kinds of addictions. Addiction to sweets, addiction to food, and sometimes even bad relationships. Negative thinking has become the new entertainment. Be willing to let go of the addiction of strongholds that keep you in negative thinking patterns.

  • "A New Mindset"

    "A New Mindset"

    2024 is here! What will make this year different from the previous one? Will it be a new resolution, dietary changes to deal with fluctuations in weight, paying off bills, or will it be something else? Some people make resolutions each year, and then others do not. But whether you do or you don’t, the goal should simply be to strive higher than the year before, and to have learned from the mistakes of the past.

  • "The Phone Bill" (Snippet of Full Version on Apple Podcasts Subscription)


    "The Phone Bill" (Snippet of Full Version on Apple Podcasts Subscription)


    You have to check out the full Apple Podcast Subscription to see how to get a resolution to high phone bills. My personal journey and the resolution I got that I DESERVED! (OVER $700 CREDIT)