Wined Up

by Mike Anderson

Taking you behind the cellar doors of the wine industry like never before! We release an episode every Wednesday to tackle all things wine, winemaking, hospitality and more. Be sure to leave a "like" and subscribe for new episodes. Have questions that you want answered? Leave them in the comments and we will dive into them on the last Wednesday of each month!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • The Vacation Hangover

    The Vacation Hangover

    MILAN Trivé time - spritz Milan food & beverage corner bar Osteria Serafina - dinner Mercato Centrale Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle Terrazza Aperol Castello Sforzesco Duomo - Milan Cathedral CiaoPizza GinO12 bar Rita’s tiki room Canaletto Bistrot - dinner Gelateria FLORENCE Le Volpi e l’uva - wine bar Bacco Motto - wine bar Manifattura - Negroni bar Nugulo - dinner Rivareno Gelato Mercato Centrale - pizza spot Il Santino wine bar - Santo Spirito (fave spot) Vigna Nuova wine bar Trattoria dei 13 gobbi (wow) Lobby bar at 25Hours hotel (a vibe) Spritzes to go by Duomo Giostra - lunch and best pasta Bucchetta del Vino wine window Farmaceutica Della Santa Novella Signorvino - SMN Il Santino (again) All’antico Vennaio at train station SIENA Il Bocconcino - sandwiches (porchetta omg) Il Salotto del Vino - wine shop RADDA IN CHIANTI Castellvecchi - stayed here Volpaia for dinner Enoteca casa in Porciatti

  • May Q&A

    May Q&A

    3:54.00 - Is the napa wine industry really in trouble? 11:46.00 - How can you tell what is actually going into a wine during the winemaking process? 15:47.00 - How do you find good wines in your local wine shops or restaurants? 18:53.00 - When working with grape growers how much control do you have over the growing and harvest seasons? 24:00.00 - When you have down time on the road what do you do? Find local wine bars or great wine lists to explore? 31:38.00 - For small producers entering new markets how do they do that? How do you end up on the road? How do they go about it, where has it been successful and what are the challenges?

  • Solving a Generational Divide

    Solving a Generational Divide

    A topic that comes up every, dare I say... generation? Same story, same issues same questions being asked yet no one is any closer to solving the problem at hand. Let's see if we can take a stab at it.

  • Did we miss the wine revolution?

    Did we miss the wine revolution?

    I think not. But the jury appears to be out on this issue. Article -

  • Short Term Gain? Or Long Term Success?

    Short Term Gain? Or Long Term Success?

    Apparently there are wineries out there picking their own poison (almost literally) when it comes to destroying their brand image. Let's get into how that happens, how wineries manifest that mentality and why it is going to be their downfall.