Episode 16: How to Develop Responsible and Explainable AI Products with Supreet Kaur

Women in Analytics After Hours by Women in Analytics

Episode notes

Supreet Kaur, AVP at Morgan Stanley, joins us to discuss how explainable AI drives responsible AI, and the role of each when developing AI products. We cover the key steps in building a data-driven culture and how data democratization and data literacy support understanding. Supreet also shares the inspiration behind the Databuzz community and how she has leveraged LinkedIn in building her personal brand.

About Supreet

Supreet is an accomplished AVP at Morgan Stanley, where she leads the development of cutting-edge AI products that will define the next generation of financial technology. Her innovative approach to problem-solving and her expertise in leveraging the latest technologies have been instrumental in positioning Morgan Stanley as a leader in the fintech industry.

Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, Supree ... 

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