Episode 14: Enabling AI & Digital Transformation in the Life Sciences with Kathleen Brunner

Women in Analytics After Hours by Women in Analytics

Episode notes

Kathleen Brunner, CEO of Acumen, joins us to discuss enabling AI adoption and digital transformation in the life sciences.

About Kathleen

Kathleen has nearly 30 years implementing forward-focused technologies and solutions as entrepreneur, executive, investor and board member. She has an extensive network of senior executives and professionals. As a CEO and CIO leader she brings her work experience for many of the top life science and Fortune 500 companies coupled with go-to-market experience, technical, strategic and execution capabilities to contribute to the success of organizations.

Over the past decade she has built solutions resulting in multi-million-dollar exits and acquisitions, for customers and her company, with well-known leaders in the life science industry. Her team works tirelessly in pursuit of t ... 

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