S01 E14 - Episode 14: Enabling AI & Digital Transformation in the Life Sciences with Kathleen Brunner

Women in Analytics After Hours by Women in Analytics
Kathleen Brunner, CEO of Acumen, joins us to discuss enabling AI adoption and digital transformation in the life sciences.About KathleenKathleen has nearly 30 years implementing forward-focused technologies and solutions as entrepreneur, executive, investor and board member. She has an extensive network of senior executives and profession  ...  See more
Apr 19 2023

[00:00:08] Lauren Burke: Welcome to Women in Analytics After Hours, the podcast where we hang out and learn with the WIA Community. Each episode we sit down with women in the data and analytics space to talk about what they do, how they got there, where they found analytics along the way and more. I'm your host, Lauren Burke, and I'd like to thank you for joining us.

Today, I'm very excited to have Kathleen Brunner joining us. Kathleen is the CEO of Acumen, which helps life sciences win the race against time through data and technology solutions that enable intelligent digital transformation. Kathleen has nearly 30 years of experience implementing forward-focused technologies and solutions. She has held many roles including entrepreneur, executive, investor, and board member.

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