Episode 10: Modeling Social & Physical Systems with Network Science with Noemi Derzsy

Women in Analytics After Hours by Women in Analytics

Episode notes

Noemi Derzsy, Principal Inventive Scientist at the AT&T Chief Data Office, joins us to discuss how her background in physics and network science led her to AT&T where she applies those skills to understand and model customer behavior.

About Noemi

Noemi Derzsy is a Senior Inventive Scientist at AT&T Chief Data Office within the Data Science and AI Research organization. Her research is centered on understanding and modeling customer behavior and experience through large-scale consumer and network data using machine learning, network analysis/modeling, spatiotemporal mining, text mining, and natural language processing techniques.

Prior to joining AT&T, Noemi was a Data Science Fellow at Insight Data Science NYC and a postdoctoral research associate at Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Ce ... 

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