S01 E05 - Episode 5 - AI for Wildlife Conservation and Imageomics with Dr. Tanya Berger-Wolf

Women in Analytics After Hours by Women in Analytics
Dr. Tanya Berger-Wolf joins us to discuss the development of computational ecology, the latest in the field of conservation AI, and the new field of study that she has established, known as Imageomics.About Dr. Berger-WolfDr. Tanya Berger-Wolf is a Professor of CS Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Evolution, Ecology and  ...  See more
Sep 21 2022

[00:00:05] Lauren Burke:
Welcome to Women in Analytics After Hours, the podcast where we hang out and learn with the WIA community. Each episode, we sit down with women in the data and analytics space to talk about what they do, how they got there, where they found analytics along the way, and more.

I'm your host, Lauren Burke, and I'd like to thank you for joining us.

Today, I am so excited to have Dr. Tanya Berger-Wolf joining us. Tanya is a professor at The Ohio state university in the departments of computer science engineering, electrical, and computer engineering, as well as evolution, ecology, and organismal biology. She is also the director of the Translational Data Analytics Institute at OSU. She was recently awarded a 15 million dollar grant from the National Science Foundatio

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