Ep18 - The State of Data as a Product with Jen Tedrow

Women in Analytics After Hours by Women in Analytics

Episode notes

Jen Tedrow, Executive Director of Pathfinder Product, joins us to share how leveraging data as a product benefits organizations and allows them to get the most out of their data.

We also discuss the motivation for The State of Data as a Product in the Real-World Survey, a partnership between Pathfinder and DataConnect with the goal of understanding the evolving landscape of 'data as a product' across industries. Respondents will gain early access to survey results and will be entered to win special prizes, like one of 4 passes to the 2024 DataConnect or a free workshop/coaching session from Pathfinder Product.

About Jen

Jen Tedrow is an accomplished product leader with over ten years of experience across a diverse r ... 

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