S02 E07: 4 Men and Women 2: Nightstalker Fright Night

WhyWork Podcast by Alan Girle, Trajce Cvetkovski, & Sara Pazell

Episode notes

WARNING: This episodes discusses confronting issues about sleepwalking and a urination faux-pas. The inequality of gender-based compensation is addressed in a round-about-way.

S02 E07: Explores work travel antics and the constraints when an employer expects workers to share a room. Sara reminds Trajce and Alan about a past state government jingle, “4 Men and Women 2,” and the culture of acceptable alcohol intake. “Work travel seems to erode behavioural boundaries,” marvels Sara. Alan tells a confronting story about drunken ‘non sleep’ behaviours and the resulting trauma. “That’s a scene from Shogun,” says Sara. Alan admits, “I think I’d be pretty depressed if that happened to me.” While what occurs is shocking, the issue of equality and compensation arises in the discussions because what a male may be paid for their trauma versus a female c ... 

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